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The Muses et. al. went to Palm Springs leaving me with nothing wise nor witty upon which to write,

so I thought I would write what came in the post the other day.     Spo


There is nothing like receiving a package in the post. Mr. Bezo (the dear!) recently sent me a box of all sorts of items. That was nice of him, considering I ordered them only recently.  Yesterday’s post had four lovelies:

iPhone cover.  I’ve dropped my iPhone enough times the cover resembles a cracked windshield. When I wipe it little sharp shards get imbedded in my finger, evoking thoughts (and moods) of Kay in “The Snow Queen”.  Someone is more clever than I about these things (and he drops his phone less; he will install my new cover this evening.  Hot puppies!

Hot tub filter ring.  I cannot remember when I last had a look-see into the hot tub. Oh the horror. If there was a department of human services towards the neglect of hot tubs I would be rightfully arrested. The filter is supposed to be changed every season; do not ask when I last did so. The old one is so mushy it dissolved with a finger poke.  This weekend I plan to drain the swamp and replenish it with fresh water to go along with the new and sturdy filter. Perhaps then I will use it.

Gum syrup.  One of my YouTube boyfriends* extoled the virtue of gum syrup, which is a more complex simple syrup, to use in your cocktails, so I got some to try.  Yes, it is more nuanced; it has a slight botanical redolence – definitely more complex and better tasting than simple syrup – but will anyone tell in a cocktail?  Someone shall do a double blind study to see if I can tell a difference. There had better be, this stuff wasn’t cheap.

Girl scout cookies.  We ordered several boxes of this, that, and the other from my niece A.K.A Warrior Queen Jr.** I am up to my oxters in Girl Scout cookies neither one of us needs to eat but there they are now, on the shelf, sending out their siren songs. I will probably bring them to work to dump onto others.  Of course, when I ordered them, I asked “are the made with real girl scouts” which WQ Jr. hadn’t heard before.  Who manages her childhood I wonder? Brother #4, that’s who. He has neglected his duties to introduce her to The Addams Family.   Oh the horror.



*I regularly subscribe to several cooking courses on Youtube. I forget which one suggested gum syrup.  I get bedazzled easily.

**Not to be confused with Warrior Queen Sr., the blog-mate. She doesn’t sell cookies, alas.


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