Thanks to covid19  I’ve stayed home and my pastimes have greatly diminished – not that they were zany or frequent to start with.  I now get my pleasures in mawkish ways such as growing plants from avocado pits and better organizing things like the shelves. When I am feeling daring I  try cooking something new. My 20s self would be appalled by this seemingly boring life I lead nowadays.  Even if we were all suddenly released from house-arrest I wonder how much I would do.  Weekends (once upon a time) were supposed to be for travel and goings-out.  Nowadays they are used to work about the house. Tomorrow’s project: drain the hot tub. I recently had a look-see and what I saw isn’t attractive. The word ‘organic’ comes to mind, the consequence of neglect.  I hope when it is detoxified and the new filters are placed I will actually use the damn thing.

Spo-fans may think the hot tub at La Casa de Spo is a dip of Dionysian doings, but this is not so. Someone has no interest in it, so it’s my solo spot. The spa is built to seat six (eight in a pinch) and it is fun when there are others there to converse, laugh, drink, and so forth but we’ve had no visitors in over a year.  Hot tubs and cellphones do not mix – not until I get a cover that is water proof – so I can’t bring that with me to keep company.

Sitting by ones self in a hot tub sans phone sans company sans everything may be calming for some but not for Urs Truly.  My hummingbird brain immediately flits about thinking about all the things I could be doing about the place.  I remember this when I tried meditation which was a bust. At least in a hot tub one feels obliged to stay there now you are in, and getting out is cold anyway.  

Zoom meetings are popular these days, so I wonder if one can zoom with chums while sitting in the hot tub. This doesn’t sound practical, given the noise of the jets and the hazard of the laptop dropping into the water.  ‘One must keep seated for the entire performance’ lest there is scandal.  Yes, zoom and other video devices should not be brought into the hot tub.

Nothing to be done really but sit by myself and clear my mind and look up at the stars and try not to think on the dishes and the ironing.