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It looks like I need to get some new white tube socks; the ones in the sock-drawer are looking rawther threadbare. I put the clean ones into the drawer on the right and I pull out a new set from the left so they tend to all wear out at the same time.  My shirts and undergarments go in and out in a similar pattern and decline. I merely replace them with identical attire. 

I cannot remember when I last bought new clothes. It bewilders me to read about folks who turn over their wardrobe at a shocking (to me) frequency. I take the ‘how long can I wear this before I have to replace this” approach.  I hear tell it’s trendy now to wear the same clothes on a daily basis as a sort of uniform (think Mr. Jobs at Apple in his now-iconic attire).  There are now rumblings about the high cost to the planet for new and frequently replaced clothes and it is better to hold onto them as long as you can. If so, then I was a ‘trend-setter” long before it became ‘hip’ to wear out the woolies.  I am a believer in Goodwill-type stores for shirts and khakis, often getting things as a sensational price that look no worse for the wear. And it is jolly good fun too.

Once upon a time I thought it prudent to have one stylish outfit just in case I am invited to a swanky soiree, in which I would make an ingress, with heads turned and all mad-jealous at my appearance. This never happened – even before covid19 forced us to stay home in our jammies, so I never had such an outfit.  I wonder though if thems ‘into clothes” are still buying such outfits, if they have no place to go.*

Last year the APA Secret Police sent out a bulletin reminding me I should always dress in contemporary professional attire on our zoom calls, but I’ve grown horribly sloppy. I often show up for appointments in my “Sitka Alaska” sweatshirt and cargo shorts (oh the embarrassment), and white tube socks (those without holes) but so far no one seems to give a hoot.  Father taught me to emulate the dress-code of the man in charge; the Boss-man I have dresses like he just came in from working in the garden so I needn’t worry.

Back to the task of buying new clothes. It’s been ages since I stepped foot in a men’s department store. In my youth I patronized proper men’s stores with salesmen who actually knew their stuff and my tastes and provided service.  Alas, that breed died out ages ago. I should go online to Lands End, which is reputable if a bit boring. Then again I am boring, at least in my daily attire.

I long for the days when I go to Palm Springs where I wear a newly made Spo-shirt and make an ingress with heads turned and all mad-jealous at my appearance.  Come to think of it that never worked either. 


*Perhaps they go out anyway  or they wear their ensembles on Instagram. Spo-fans with Instagram accounts: please tell me what people wear there – or do there for that matter. 

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