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The Muses must be a bit peckish as the only thing they are providing me this morning is a treatise on Goldfish crackers. Spo-fans wanting something interesting to read are invited back tomorrow when The Fates have a turn.  Spo.

Last night when I should have been sleeping, I was reading* and eating Goldfish crackers, pizza flavored.  Nothing I have ever ate sold as ‘pizza flavored’ actually tastes like pizza, so that was a disappointment – the taste I mean. There is a satisfying crunch to the little things, combined with a good read, that makes for a satisfactory situation. It mars sleep but isn’t it worth it?  This morning while making the bed I came across two crackers that somehow made it through the night intact.**   Like myself Goldfish crackers have endured the decades. 

Goldfish crackers is one of two crackers that are the official crackers at La Casa de Spo. The other is cracker is Ritz, which Someone eats with relish. 

When I was a boy, Goldfish crackers came in only a few flavors; nowadays there are nearly three dozen of them can you imagine.  I have a recipe of goldfish crackers crusted chicken breasts, which sounds low-brow and a waste of crackers but I vow someday to make it. 

Crackers have gotten a lot of bad press lately, given they are ‘high carbs” and made with nasty white flour (oh the horror!). Someone’s Ritz crackers have ‘reduced fat’ and ‘whole wheat’ varieties to assuage guilt, but this is rubbish.  One does not eat crackers in order to be healthy. Goldfish crackers are jolly good fun, that’s all, and there is no point in trying to make them virtuous.

This morning I went online to learn some history of these magnificent munchies and I came across someone’s rating of the thirty types. The writer concluded the “Princess” variety as the best tasting of the bunch.  Now, I like cheddar Goldfish as they are made with real cheddar, and I like parmesan Goldfish as they are made with real parmesan. I didn’t look what goes into ‘Princess’ Goldfish, but I saw they are ‘a limited variety’. I suppose it is hard to find the proper ingredients these days.



*Alice Thomas Ellis, one of my favorite authors.

**Yes, I ate them.

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