What’s top of my mind – the weather. Unlike the rest of the nation, AZ is at its ‘good time’ of the year. The outside temperatures are ~ 25C / 77F, which allow me to open the windows wide and do some spring cleaning. It’s time to tidy up the back porch, which is unused since October. 

Where I’ve been – last weekend a friend was in town and he invited us out to dinner at a restaurant with outside dining. Someone and our friend have had their shots; I have not. I was not comfortable despite the social distancing and a breeze blowing to wipe away the contagion. The food was excellent but I could not relax being around so many people, most of them not wearing masks. I don’t foresee doing this again any time soon. 

Where I’m going – In two weeks I travel again back to Michigan, Land of Perpetual Snow and Ice, to care for Father for a few days. This allows Brother #3 some time to scram to who knows where for awhile.  

What I’m watching  – The Great Courses’ series on Mesopotamia. I am learning of the great city of Ur, where I get half of my pen name. 

What I’m reading – I am on page 700 of ‘Anna Karenina’; there are 200 pages to go. I’ve been slogging through this ponderous novel for some time. I know how it’s going to end*, thanks to know-it-alls,  but I want to see how it happens.  

What I’m listening to –  podcasts.  My recent favorites are ‘Ologies’ and “Hidden Brain”.  ‘Ologies’ is hosted by a very entertaining woman who interviews various science experts and the later is hosted by a fellow as he explores human sociology and psychology.  I recommend both. 

What I’m eating –  I still have grapefruit to eat from January’s season. Happily they do not grow tired although they do go a bit dry. I have five left.  I will eat them with relish 

Who I’m paying attention to – Someone of course. 

What I’m planning – I am composing a list of things that need doing about the house prior to Brother #4 and family visiting us in early April. We’ve had no visitors to since January 2020 or longer perhaps. There is a lot to do, such as cleaning the carpets and clearing out the ‘blue room’ A.K.A. as the guest bedroom A.K.A as Someone’s Storage space.