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Someone got his second covid19 shot this morning; his appointment was at 430AM. We woke at 330 to drive to the stadium parking lot where shots are given in a drive-through. It went smoothly and the staff were most courteous. We were home by 530AM; today we are rawther tired. He’s taking a nap and I will take one too after this is posted. 

Before he retired to The Dragon Room, Someone finished our taxes. For the first time in decades we owe money. Father would be pleased. He believes getting a refund is a bad sign. “You gave the government a free loan!” he would say. We feel bad not because we owe taxes but we made more money in 2020 than in 2019. It feels bad almost guilty feeling, when so many people suffered in 2020.

Sunday is turning out to be the day to cook – new and adventuresome dishes. Around noon I made a chili with chocolate. There was some philosophical discussion over lunch whether this constituted ‘proper chili’ as it had beans in it. I suppose it was more ‘stone soup’ than chili as I put a lot of leftovers into the dish, including some carrots going bad. I didn’t care for the chocolate, which didn’t taste so ‘mole’ as a toll-house cookie that happened to fall into the pot. This evening I am making a sockeye salmon (no rubbish) baked in aluminum foil with a sauce*, prior to a few minutes under the broiler. 

Final Sunday Spo-bit:  there is a blue bucket at the bottom of the cement pond in the backyard. This weekend it’s been windy, so things blown into the pool isn’t surprising,  but where the bucket came from is anyone’s guess. The more important question is how to get it out. It is just out of reach so I may have to brave the cold and enter the pool for ‘first dip’ of the season – over a month ahead of usual. I think I will text Mr. Aaron, the pool man, could he be a muffin an extract it when he is here this Tuesday. He can keep it for all his troubles. For all I know it’s his. 

*Soy sauce; rice vinegar; honey; sriracha; chopped basil; chopped basil, ginger. 

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