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Every morning (with few exceptions) my friend Bruce sends me a photo inscribed with the words “Good morning”. I reciprocate by wishing him a good morning. Most times a send with the text a photo apropos to the one he sent me. Most of the time this intercourse is a single ‘lob’ to and from and the morning ablution is concluded. Thinking this a good idea, I save the meme and pass it on to my nearest and dearest. I start with The Best friend and The Other Michael and then on to a few ‘regulars’.  Most mornings I send the meme to a random person from my telephone roster.*

Each morning I have the anticipation of Bruce’s text and wondering ‘what will today’s meme be like?” He lives in Palm Springs, so these often have scenes from that neck of the woods.


I thought he made these himself and sends them to me personally. Later I learned it is not Bruce who makes them but someone at the condominium complex where he lives who generates the photo to all the habitués. Bruce passes it on to a lot of folks, myself included. No No surprise I suppose, but there was a slight disappointment to learn this viz.  I am not ‘special’.  Now there is a satisfaction I am part of a daisy-chain of salutations that spreads across the country every morning. 

Inspired by this, I have begun to make my own “Good morning” memes to pass along as well:


This is a silly mawkish thing to do, I know, but it is a nice way to start the day and to let folks know I am thinking of them.


*Most of the time I do not hear back from them: I wonder what they think of receiving it.   


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