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Where I’ve been –  nowhere. I haven’t gone anywhere in the past week other than work and the grocery store. 

Where I’m going –  this weekend I plan to go to the hardware store to get more ‘hooks’ for the cork board in the garage.  About a month ago I connected the dots I could hang up cords and tools rather than have them lying about in boxes and drawers. Who knew? Now I want to hang everything.  The board is nearly full but there’s room for more. 

What I’m watching  – Adam Ragusea on YouTube. He does a cooking channel. He’s entertaining and the recipes are good. Last night I made my first ever risotto, using his suggestions and recipe. It was delicious – and my first time making such!  

What I’m reading –  I started “Your Brain on Facts” a book version of the podcast with the same name. This is one of my favorite podcasts. Moxie provides fun facts on a topic in a fun-filled way.   

What I’m listening to – I am slowly going through all of Mozart’s works. It is a bucket list of mine to hear them all.  Presently I am at K. 32; there are over 600 in total. Happily his first works are small potatoes.  The challenge is not their lengths but me stopping everything to actually listen to them.   

Who I’m paying attention to – several avocado pits I am trying to turn into plants. So far only one has succeeded. There are 2-3 candidates on the kitchen shelf contemplating whether or not to germinate. 

What I’m planning –  no good that’s for certain. 

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