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I haven’t done one of these in a while. There hasn’t been much of interest happening on our daily strolls. When I work from home, Harper gets three walks: one in the morning before work; one at lunch time; one when work ends at five. She senses time that she becomes a bit excited/needy about 1130AM and 430PM – sometimes sooner. The noon walk is a quick five minute walk around the block and the evening walk is to the mailbox, but the morning walk is ‘dealer’s choice”. Spring has sprung here in The Valley of the Sun which makes for better light and warmer temperatures that encourage longer and more off-the-trail walks. There are three goals on these strolls, which I call ‘the three Es’:




The third E seems to be more important than the other two, at least for Harper. It is fascinating how she sniffs every bush and post like a shopper rummaging through the sale bins at a department store looking for bargains. Maybe it’s like a drug. To take a deep whiff at the base of a stained lamppost makes her face become so intense. Sometimes she goes back and forth between two places detective-like trying to deduce the scene. It makes me wonder if smelling things for a dog is the equivalent of human’s need for touch and socializing. 

While she has her nose in the bushes, my nose is in other people’s business viz. I am looking about the neighborhood for signs of shenanigans. Several houses have some sort of construction going on. The street next door has many houses flying the flag on a continuous basis.  I wonder what they went up for in the first place. I also wonder if they are now afraid to take them down, lest they be the first ones to do so, and have all the neighborhood see their missing flag and judge them. We have a flag (a housewarming gift from Father I remember) but have never flown it, not having gotten around to erecting the stand for which it stands. 

Speaking of putting ones nose in other people’s business, Someone tells me on the neighborhood app there are complaints towards negligent dog-walkers who do not pick up after their pooches. I think this a reasonable remonstrance. However there are peeves about pooches peeing on their lawns as well.  Since all lawns are gravel stone (no grass is allowed) this sounds like an old-man rant ALA you-kids-get-off-my-lawn.  Harper always goes just where the lawn and sidewalk meet; no one has come out to shout at us. 

I am curious to know which houses these boisterous bulletins emanate from and if there is any correlation to the houses flying the flag or had TRUMP signs up last November.  However sooner I’d eat rats at Tewkesbury than enter into the mentioned app to do the work necessary to connect-the-dots.  For us it is not matter. I always pick up after her. As for where she squats I am not worried. 

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