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It is 29C (lower 80sF). It feels lovely. I have the doors open to let in some ‘fresh air’ although this comes with some dust. As they say in ‘Game of Thrones’: “Allergies are coming”. I just started taking a daily allergy pill, starting with only a half tablet as the first week back on drugs always makes me walk around in a daze.  

I got a long-overdue haircut today; it feels good not to have the “Jack Nicolson look’ anymore. My grindled coif is nearly gray now, although I like the euphemism ‘silver’.  

Speaking of things long-overdue, I started cutting out the pieces for a new Spo-shirt. The last time I made was one January 2020 for a February debut in Palm Springs that did not happen. Last year I made masks rather – lots. I got out three yards of a verdure fabric with hibiscus flowers. I bought the stuff so long ago I don’t recall where or when. I fell out of love with it and never used it until now. I figured it would be good practice to recall how to sew a shirt. If it turns out OK I may put it up for a silent auction or a lottery among the Spo-fans.  Let’s’ see how turns out. Sometimes ‘meh’ fabrics turn out better than predicted. 

I tidied up the spice rack. It started as a search for the ingredients to make fines herbes. It ended up with me throwing out lots of things, many with expiration dates before 2014. One had on its bottom: ‘use before 2010’. I compacted the two half-full jars of paprika and the three half-empty jars of curry*. The spice rack is now approximately two-thirds of its occupancy. I never did make the fines herbes, for I need new ingredients. 

While I was tidying up the tarragon, Someone gave Harper a bath. She’s been smelling a bit gamey for sometime. She puts up with the bath part with unhappy dignity but afterwards enters into an elation during the rub down with towels. Then she runs around the house, pausing only to shake a bit,  sending dog hair everywhere. She is a happy dog status-post bath and treat. It reminds me of joke:

“My dog has no nose.”

“How does he smell?”





*Not with each other, obviously. 

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