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I suppose yesterday’s entry should have as its follow-up fear’s opposite: empowerment. Fear keeps one stifled and in-check. Once released this leads to a variety of emotions: shock (that it’s really over); anger (at the realization of what had been); and joy (hopefully). I think the euphoria from liberation may be the most marvelous of all feelings. The release from inner fear has an exquisite elation to it. The realization the ghost that was haunting you and dictating your life has been exorcised or exposed as a sham.  One can almost feel the body and soul metamorphosing as if released from a spell.

Sometimes when I am facing a present fear I remember my past fears, now dissipated, that once were the masters of the universe, but are now obsolete as Ozymandias.  Chances are this present fear that is wanting to run my life is no different than the previous ones: scary but beatable.  There are always new fears; they pop up like purslane. But I recognize one when it happens and if  I am courageous it is plucked.

It’s lovely to see liberation from fears in others. Sometimes when I need encouragement  (pun intended) I go to YouTube where I keep a little list of scenes from movies or tunes about folks deciding they aren’t going to stay down in fear. Sometimes they rise in violence but mostly they are happy as all get out.

I am missing one I like a lot from ‘The Adventures of Baron Munchausen’.  A walled city is under siege from the Turks. The people cower within while the administration dictates marital law. Through his stories, the Baron wakens their courage and gets them to think differently about what’s happening. The townspeople discover the administration is in cahoots with the Turks to keep the war going in order to justify their rule.  At the end of the movie, the people en masse go to the main gate and demand it be opened. The Directory tries to prevent them, but the Baron knocks him over. The gates are opened – only to reveal there aren’t any Turks. They left long time ago. It is a brilliant metaphor of what happens in Psyche when fear rules and is defeated. 

Since I don’t have a clip of this (worse luck!) I will do a song from “The greatest showman”.  It is one of the most moving tunes about rejecting fear I have heard in a long while. It comforts me; it stiffens my spine.

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