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Where I’ve been – Nowhere. That’s the point of isolation.  I went to work from the office yesterday for a change. 

Where I’m going – To get my vaccine! I go for #1 next Monday. I am glad to go; I was OK to wait my turn.

What I’m watching  – On YouTube, excerpts from ‘Star Trek: the next generation”, specifically bits about Guinan.  Sometimes I need to remember how to listen to people, really listen to them. She is a good teacher for this. 

What I’m reading –  I am reaching page 800 of 900 of ‘Anna Karenina’. It is not going well for her. I am also rereading “Spoon River Anthology”, about 5 entries at a time. Please read “George Gray” to follow up with yesterdays’ entry. 

What I’m listening to – the podcast “Strong Songs” in which the podcaster analyzes iconic songs and why they are great. This week he is doing “Wuthering Heights” by Kate Bush. She is a goddess; do not dare to question this. 

What I’m eating – too much, that’s certain. I’m trying to avoid eating between dinner and noon time, and eating not too much for lunch. However I am eating too much at dinner and (more important) after dinner. This can’t be good.  I need to limit the amount of food I eat not just the when. 

Who I’m paying attention to – An ex-blogger buddy/now FB friend* Andrew of “The Other Andrew” is in hospital in Australia for all sorts of problems. He posts regularly on what’s happening to him. He gets dozens and dozens of comments with any update. I am glad to see him surrounded by Love. 

What I’m planning – a trip to Michigan. Next week I go to tend Father to give Brother #3 a break. It will be after my first shot, so I feel a bit more ‘safe to travel’ but I won’t drop down my guard. 

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