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Sunday seems to be the day when I make rounds on all my blog reads. Every Sunday as I read and catch up with my fellow-bloggers I vow to not fall behind but read more regular, only to reach another Sunday. 

Arizona doesn’t do no stinkin’ Daylight Savings time, but I had to do my twice a year ritual remembering which time zone now gels with Arizona Standard Time. Father told me today he is ‘three hours ahead’, which makes me realize for the next six months we are on “California time”. Would we were in Palm Springs to do so! 

We had nice weather for awhile, then it turned windy and rainy and cloudy. “Alaska weather”I call that. Today it is sunny but no warmer than 14C. 

Last night I made a Detroit-style pizza; it was my second attempt at doing so. I was pleased as Punch it was superior to the first. I made notes on the first attempt and these proved positive to improve the dish. Someone agreed; he ate his pieces with relish.  What still needs improvement is the dough. I’ve not had any great success at making dough or bread. This makes my desire for a mixer even more so. There are lots of things around La Casa de Spo that need money thrown at it before buying a mixer, so I was surprised that Someone thinks this a good idea. What a lovely thought to have a mixer! Anybody have one? Do your use yours? 

Tomorrow I get my first of two vaccines. I forget what sort I to receive, but it is not possible to forget I have an appointment as I’ve received a strafe of emails reminding me I do. They are worse than emails from ‘The Great Courses’ announcing yet another sale. 

Speaking of forgetting things, it looks like work forgot to close down my appointment scheduled for this Wed-Friday this when I go to Michigan. This may be my fault viz. I forgot to tell them. Regardless, tomorrow morning right away Thing 1 and Thing 2 need to make the calls. The howl of canceled patients will resemble an orchestra of scorched cats. I feel bad about this. I told the staff in my email of contrition to explain I have to attend to my fathers’ surgery, scheduled for Thursday (true) so this may assuage some anger. 

This weekend I am making a Spo-shirt that is

a) turning out well and

b) not to my liking.

That happens. I buy some fabric only to grow disenchanted with it. I thought to practice on it to remember how to make a shirt, but it is better than I figured it would be. When completed, I think I will post it on Facebook (and here as well) to collect names of thems who would like it, place the names in a Viking helmet,  and pull out a name and give it away.   Stay tuned.

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