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I made a Spo-shirt! I have not made one since January 2020. Usually I make a few every year, but last year put all my efforts into making masks. Besides, there was nowhere to go to debut the shirts; “All dressed up and nowhere to go”.  With pending warmer weather and some hints of going out this spring, I felt it was time to get back to sewing shirts. 

I forget when and where I got this fabric. Perhaps it was a gift? I grew disinterested in it; this sometimes happens. A fabric seems a good idea at the time but then my moods change. It’s been sitting in a drawer for years until now.

I spent a good part of yesterday trying to figure out what number it is. After reviewing my journals and notes I’ve deduced it is Shirt #114.* Patience above!  I have kept fifty-four of them; the remaining ones were given to friends and relations. 

I am pleased as Punch to report ‘green hibiscus’ turned out well. It has only some minor errors. I was thinking of giving it away after it was made. I would gather names of thems interested into a lottery. Now I am having selfish second doubts, for it fits me quite well. Maybe I will wear it at least once before it goes out. 



*Shirt #1 was made in 2002. Some of the earlier ones have been ‘retired’ as they are rawther worn-out. I cannot get myself to throw them out. 



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