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Where I’ve been – Through TSA. It was the quickest most effortless experience I’ve had in ages. It turned out the TSA person is a patient of mine.  I guess they assumed I am not carrying contraband. 

Where I’m going – To Michigan, Land of Perpetual Snow and Ice, to see Father. Brother #2 promises to pick me up on his drive in from Wisconsin, Land of Cheap Cheese and Butter. He is bringing cheese curds from the obligatory stop in at Mars Cheese Castle. I hope they squeak. 

What I’m watching – Nothing right now, but after I post this, I plan to read a book and people watch. While everyone has their heads down/noses in their phones I stare at the pretty ones and imagine what they are like. This qualifies me as a ‘wicked old screw” but behind a book no one notices.  I have remember to turn the page from time to time for appearance sake. 

What I’m reading – Whisky Advocate. The recent edition came in the post last night. I am reading about the whiskies from The Nordic countries. There is a one from Iceland that uses sheep dung in lieu of peat for a smoky-type libation. Can you imagine?  I want this. 

What I’m listening to – Two women sitting not to far from me, discussing their ailments. Curious how women-folk can talk so matter-of-fact about their matters to each other and out in public. I have never heard a man do so, let along with another man. 

What I’m eating – Airport equivalent of a bacon and egg croissant with reheated frozen potato bits.  Covid has certainly hit the cuisine at the airports. 

Who I’m paying attention to – my fellow travelers. I am on the look-out for miscreants in masks below the nose to avoid them. 

What I’m planning – Meals. I am in charge for the next four days feeding the old man and Brother #3’s cats, dogs, and birds.  I hope I don’t mix up the menu or there will be ructions.  

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