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Tending an elderly parent and managing a menagerie of pets while running a household is rawther exhausting – must be just what a housewife experiences on a regular basis. I’ve come to the conclusion chickens are dumb as dirt and  impossible to retrieve once they are let out in the backyard. I worried something will attack them, but Brother and SIL #3 take a laissez-faire approach to the fate of chickens out in the yard. If all nine come back that’s good; of only eight return, well… there it is.  I get two eggs per day for my chicken-sitting salary, which is enough to fry ‘in the Spanish-style’ and eat with toast. It is enough.

Today Brother #2 unpacked several boxes of Father’s books and four garbage bags of my late mother’s garments.  Father is blind, so it was curious to read out titles and listen to what he wanted to keep and what went back in the boxes. I did not question the reason to keep any books; I sensed he likes them as mementos. I would read out a title for ‘stay or toss’ and get in response a few sentences about the book in question and what it was about etc. He has a good memory as they are nearly all about planes, trains, or freighters and with nearly identical titles. He’s kept no other types of books.  

Mother’s clothing was mostly T-shirts and such, already picked over by the daughter-in-laws. I saved the hangers for Father’s new closet, and for myself a piece of costume jewelry that was pinned to a coat. I do not recall Mother ever wearing this brooch (or the coat for that matter) but it is a nice souvenir of our industry.  Brother #3 will be pleased as Punch to come home to see Father’s digs all set up and the boxes gone.  

Brother #4 et. al. is coming over soon for the evening and we will order out (again), this time for grilled whitefish, which is a lovely fish native to the Great Lakes. He is bringing over some whisky/bourbon he picked up on a business trip to Tennessee. All Spos enjoy their whisky and they like to sit around sipping such and giving opinions about it as if it were the British Bake-off, talking over each other while no one is actually listening. Jolly good fun! 

Tomorrow Father has more medical tests to attend. It seems he is continually going to doctor appointments and such.  Brother #3 et. al. is up north skiing, hopefully enjoying his break from all of this, but he keeps texting to see if we are remembering to do things. I think he is missing the camaraderie but then he is quite happy we are doing all his work and he can sleep through the night for once. 

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