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What’s top of my mind – the arrival today of my new kitchen thermometer. One of my chef-teachers inundates me on the usefulness of getting and using one. Mine is a king-size-titanic-unsinkable-molly-brown stick-it pen from Thermoworks. It was rawther expensive, but the orange ones were 30% off. Soon I will be poking all my cooking to ascertain if things are cooked properly. Jolly good fun! 

Where I’ve been – To the vaccine center. I’ve received my first dose and the second one is happens on 5 April. 

Where I’m going – if the weather is clement we may venture out to tomorrow to The Kobalt Bar for show tunes and cocktails. Kat, my future ex-wife, is always up to my challenges of making new and adventuresome libations. I want to try a ‘vieux carre’, a concoction of rye, brandy, vermouth, benedictine, and bitters. 

What I’m watching – excerpts from ‘Dr. Who’ on YouTube. They remind me I want to see the series in proper order. I should set a fixed time each week(end) to watch an episode. I think I may restart with the ‘The Fourth Doctor’. Jelly Babies, anyone? 

What I’m reading – I finally finished ‘Anna Karenina”. It was some job. Now I am reading something light: ‘Guards, guards!’ which is book #8 in ‘The Discworld Series” . It is just a bit of nonsense and jolly good fun. There are over forty books in the series; like Dr. Who, I have a lot to get through. 

What I’m listening to – The podcast “The Experiment”. It explores the USA’s founding notions and how they are panning out. 


Who I’m paying attention to – several avocado pits, in various stages of putting out roots. So far only one has managed to sprout a proper tree; the rest look stalled, as if they are thinking whether or not it’s worth it to put out and grow up. 

What I’m planning – preparing the place for Brother #4 and family’s visit next month. They will be our first visitors since January 2020. We have a lot to tidy up prior to their arriving. 

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