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Hey, Spo-fans! I am up to my oxters in hosting family and haven’t had time to write a proper post. Here is one I was working on for later. Spo

It’s been a year now since I started working from home. I know this so by the “Roster” file. At the end of each work day I send to the billing department the daily roster of my day.  I see the first one is dated 3 April, 2020. * What a funny anniversary to commemorate.  

I was fortunate with covid19 my job readily translated to zoom/phone appointments; I can easily shrink heads at home while sitting in my jammies.**  The majority of patients liked the zoom arrangement. Some of my patients have to travel long distances for their 15 minute check up and others felt limited to only be seen in the Mesa office, which had less opportune hours. On zoom, both matters ceased to be an impediment.  Patients could check in from where ever they were. Curious! A year ago at-home/zoom type appointments were not allowed nor covered by insurance programs and it was almost heretical to suggest trying such. Now they are the norm.

The patients and my bosses are beginning to wonder when the offices will return to old-fashioned face-to-face appointments.  Many are also asking if they can continue using zoom anyway. My answer is: who can say. The cynical answer of course is ‘that will depend if your insurance company is still willing to pay of zoom’.  It will be difficult in my opinion putting the genie back in the bottle. Too many folks want zoom-type appointments.  I will be curious to see what happens: will zoom remain an option and in what circumstances?

I wouldn’t mind having a day ‘working at home’ when all I do is zoom appointments, to cut down on driving and help me mind my aging dog and not have to put on pants.**. We shall see.

*This is supported by zoom appointments being done at the Mesa office; patients doing their appointmens from there remark the calendar in my office is at April, 2020.

**The APA secret police: back off this. These are figurative not literal comments.

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