I made another Spo-shirt; I call this one ‘Colorful Ferns’.

When I saw the fabric I knew right away it would be make a good shirt. Sometimes a fabulous fabric turns into a less than stellar shirt, but not this time. It is colorful, but not too wild (like my men. The photo doesn’t quite capture the brilliant bold colors. It isn’t so loud I can wear it to work on Fridays without frightening the new patients too much.

I am getting better at getting these done. It was madd in fewer stop-and-go sittings. Although it’s the newest, the shirt is already one of my favorites.

Using the leftover fabric, I made me a mask. Now I have shirt and mask to match.

Alas, Babylon! All dressed up and nowhere to go. The Other Michael is coming in a month’s time and we will see the sights around southern Arizona. The shirt can debut in the far off kingdom of Bisbee.