Stinko. I don’t have nothing to say.* I am obliged to not write nothing or outline my week. Thems wanting erudite and/or jovial reads should try again tomorrow.

Someone is refinancing the house; everyday he gives me updates as a sergeant tells his superior officer the status of a complicated military maneuver. Like a war, the process sure has a lot of steps and it seems never to end. Godot works at Wells Fargo and is he no more available than when he worked for Beckett. 

Speaking of money, we meet this week with Mr. Merrill Lynch Jr, our financial advisor. No doubt he will tell us (as he always does) to ‘stay the course’ and not to anything drastic with our squirrelled-away pennies. Periodically he sends us his clients Starbucks coffee gift boxes, which neither one of us drinks. He is a dear, well over four feet, so we don’t tell him to stop or send something else. 

It is fortunate our funds are functioning fabulously for this Friday the watering system man (or somebody like him) comes for a consultation. Our system went kaput about a last month ago. It is over 15 years old. I am certain this will require a complete replacement. Oh the pain.  My proposal to quit work and stay home and water the yard two times a day was vetoed by La Casa de Spo Housing Committee (Stirges) so they can’t complain about shelling out the bucks for a new sprinkler system.

Today marks the two weeks mark since I received the second dose of the covid19 vaccine, so after work Someone and I are going to the gym. I plan on wearing mask and gloves anyway. It will be my first attempt at real exercise in a long time.  Between inactivity and my rancor at seeing gym-mates not in masks I am at risk of a rise in my blood pressure and subsequent stroke, thus saving me from the woes of refinancing, investing, and re-watering. 

Tempting yes, but then my one-man crusade to resurrect multiple negatives comes to a grinding halt so I will persevere and not allow nothing no way to stop me.

*Spo-fans keen on grammar will notice and object to the word ‘nothing’ and write prescriptive remonstrates the proper word to use here is ‘anything’ to eliminate the double-negative. I am on a one-man mission to revive the use of double, triple – even quadruple – negatives to emphasis the emotions of the situation. If they were good enough for Chaucer they are good enough for me.  Middle English had some lovely words and syntax worth reusing, provided you modify the keyboard at bit.