Laughter is good for our health, yet so little happens nowadays. The ability to laugh – especially at ourselves – is so salubrious we would want to have some every day, like a vitamin. Children laugh lots, they are natural clowns, and most of them when asked think themselves funny – until early puberty when laughter and banter drop like a paralyzed peregrines. Studies show laughter doesn’t pick up again until folks are in their late 70s. 

That laughter is ‘good for us’ is no news to Urs Truly. Spos are natural clowns. When we congregate we resemble The Marx brothers or Monty Python. Conversely, we are suspicious of sour pusses and we gravitate towards them to poke them in the ribs in order to try to loosen them up. Think Clariee Belcher to Ouiser Boudreux.  

Alas, Babylon! Friends of Ouiser have pullulated the country and it grows harder and harder to joke. Everyone is so serious these days and quick to take umbrage. Don’t people know a bit of silliness is a marvelous way to crack the ice and loosen tension? [1] If we gave politicians some slack to be a bit silly we would be better off and they could actually do better work. Where I work my bosses are cool with me cracking puns and twisting words.  Can you imagine working in an environment where laughter is frowned upon?  I would not stay.

The previous president had many faults, but one of his worst was he never laughed. He mocked rather. Worse, he was incapable of laughing at himself. Father, who was quite the clown, pointed out to be wary of such men and stay clear away.  

Every day I try to do three exercises: first, I try to find some way to make Someone laugh or at least crack a smile.[2] Second, I find something to laugh at. [3] Third (and perhaps the most important) I look for something about myself to laugh at. The last one is the easiest. 

Spo-fans: when was the last time you had a laugh?

Do you make others laugh?

What is your name?
What is your quest?
What is favorite color?



[1] Back to Steel Magnolia references:  “Here, hit this!” was a marvelous comic intervention to loosen the tension. Well done, Clariee!

[2] In our relationship Someone is the Ouiser to my Clariee.  He is a tough audience, but I keep trying. I love him like my luggage.

[3] I have a collection of movie clips on YouTube. Whenever I need a laugh I only have to watch one and I invariably cheer up and guffaw a bit.