Oh ya,* it’s allergy season here in The valley of the sun. I have all the usual symptoms including red itchy eyes and frequent sneezing. My sneezing is profound. I may not be the strongest of fellows, but I can boost my sneezes have the force and intensity of a category 5 hurricane. One of them blew off my mask. I am experimenting with what time of day is best to take an antihistamine. if it is taken too early in the day this results in me falling asleep, while taken too late in the day makes waking in the morning difficult. This miserable allergic state lasts until we get a few days in a row of temperatures above 40C. Thanks to global warming, this comes earlier every year, so there is a silver lining to that cloud. Last night it rained a bit, I hope enough to wash the air out a little.

I ordered a box of the new pasta shape, cascatelli. There is a waiting period of twelve weeks for the demand is huge. While I was on the website I ordered a few boxes of some other interesting shaped pastas. Speaking of pasta last night I made bucatini for the first time. It is like a fat spaghetti, almost an udon. Poor Someone. All our meals now resemble “The British Bakeoff” as I continually critique the cooking and badger him for feedback. He prefers watching TV while eating rather than analyzing what’s on the plate. I suspect he may soon take over some of the cooking just to have a quiet dinner. He’s in for a spaghetti-like shockaroo when the boxes of pasta arrive.

This evening over a chicken dish I’m planning to create I want to talk to Someone about the pending neighborhood yard sale. There is a lot we could unload and get some money to boot, provided we act now to prepare for such. I suspect this won’t happen given time/energy constraints of the week. I am half-tempted to just put out on the curb this Saturday a large box with a sign that says ‘FREE’ on the hopes somebody will take it all. Ironically things left curbside with a ‘FREE’ sign more often than not raises suspicion to its value and the donor’s intent and in the end the giver has to haul it all back inside the garage. I can’t imagine anyone wanting our snow shovels nor the grass clippers we brought from Michigan many years ago but no harm trying.

*My upper peninsula attempt at ‘yes’.