What’s top of my mind – A matter at work. The Boss-Man announced he is going into semi-retirement and some sort of national chain of mental health clinics will be taking over running the place. My other boss, The Boss-Woman, who is well over four feet, remains ‘the boss’ but it not clear what her role will be. Details to follow as they arise. Having new owners A.K. A. The Overlords raises all the usual questions of what will change. I am in a good position that if there is any funny business I can pack up my marbles and go elsewhere. The HQ of this conglomerate is located in Florida. One thing is positive: I get a new title, that of “Florida Man” . 

Where I’ve been – Total Wine. What I like to drink in the spring/summer months is inexpensive white wine. Often these sell for less than ten dollars and they come with a staffperson’s rave review. I lump these into the category of “Summer rain”, a reference to the movie “The Women”.  Explanation on request, or better yet, see the movie. 

Where I’m going – to the office of The Good Doctor. It’s time for my quarterly blood work to check on cholesterol and what-not. Between my lack of exercise and poor diet I suspect the numbers will not be good. 

What I’m watching – the post. I am expecting some pasta and a parcel of fabric. Some folks like to monitor their arrivals via apps but I like the surprise to find something in the mailbox.

What I’m reading – I am slogging my way through “Spoon River Anthology”. It is not a quick read as I like to pause and reflect on the entries. 

What I’m listening to – Takashi Yoshimatsu. My bouncy in his early 20s dental hygienist told me this fellow and his music ‘are to die for’. In return, I educated him the painting of Steve Martin in dentist attire that is hanging in the waiting room is “The Dentist song” from “Little Shop of Horrors” – something he had never heard of. Ah youth. 

What I’m eating – Tomato soup. I made my first batch – ever. I disliked Campbell’s which was what tomato soup meant in my childhood house. I made a ‘5 ingredients” recipe consisting of canned tomatoes (proper ones no rubbish), butter, onion, garlic, and broth. It turned out well; I would make it again. Someone likes tomato soup with a soupçon of cream. 

Who I’m paying attention to – Nobody really.  After a long day of paying attention to others the last thing I want to do is pay attention to anyone else. 

What I’m planning – Painting a rock. Among the gravel-sized stones that make up the yard I found a rock about the size of a muskmelon. I don’t know how it got there. It is now sitting sentinel on the sidewalk leading up to the front door. I want to paint it a bright color like yellow or verdigris or even Jungle Red. Whatever the color, this will probably upset the HOA and/or attract hoodlums to steal it.  All the same I want to do it. Photo to follow.