Yesterdays’ post with its mention of painting rocks seemed a success with the Spo-fans. The Muses (or somebody like them) inspired me to write some more about color, so here it is.    Spo

Someone should have asked a few logical questions when he met me. If he had, he would have put a healthy distance between himself and a man who wants to give the world a paint job. He likes subdued earth tones* while Urs Truly goes for bright bold colors – the louder the better.  No pastels for me thank you very much! Give me hues as red as blood and greens that shame emeralds. 

This has always been the case.  Closing down my parent’s house I got to look at a lot of old photos and artwork from my youth Mother had saved in accordion files. Even then my approach was to use bold colors. There is a report card from my kindergarten teacher and first color critic, Miss Watkins. She writes I tend to not ‘match colors to reality’. I draw trees with bright blue tops and I do people’s faces in rainbow colors although she comments I do have a careful eye for color-coordination and staying within the lines. Prophetic! I also found an old box of Crayloas. In it the browns and gray crayons were almost unused while the yellow, greens, and blues were half consumed. Going by length, it looks like bright red was my favorite**  I was pleased when the rainbow was adopted as the ‘gay colors’.  I’ve heard The Fundies are outraged The Gays have ‘stolen and ruined the rainbow’. Posh-posh I see to them. You all weren’t using it properly, so we took it over and serves you right.

If you should be invited to the master bedroom’s walk-in at La Casa de Spo you would be immediately soothed by the well-coordinated quiet subtle colors of clothing on the starboard side of the closet. But if you should steer hard to port you would be dazzled by racks of brilliant color resembling a poorly made float at a gay-pride parade. Even the masks are divided into two piles: one of light blue, black, and gray (blech) masks and the other pile… well you get the picture.

One advantage of going out looking like a luau is Someone can find me easily across a crowded room.

Which leads me back to the rock that was mentioned in yesterday’s post. I’ve decided said rock is going to be a bright yellow, like that of a lemon or blue as sunlight in a sapphire. Maybe I will paint it with both colors. If anyone objects, I will say it is a U of M emotional support rock and shan’t be moved. Of course this may result in my maize and blue boulder being hurdled through the front window but I am willing to risk it. Fools like me who are crackers for color takes their chances against thems who want a world in off-white.


*After all he is a ‘Spring”.

**I went bright red myself when I discovered Crayola ‘retired’ one of my favorite crayons: Prussian Blue.  This was done on the notion children these days do not know what Prussia was.  Oh the horror.