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Patience above! It looks like I haven’t written a “Random thoughts” entry is over a year! Thanks to updates, I can’t find the last one to title it properly. Perhaps some dear Spo-fan can ascertain which number this is. “LCII” sounds right but be prepared to see the title change.

Between work and house preparation I’ve had no time to read blogs this week. It feels wrong to me to put out entries and not reciprocate with reading others. This evening I plan to do so after Someone and I go through the house for a final inspection prior to the arrival of The Other Michael tomorrow afternoon. I’ve gathered together The Cup Sprites, The Car Key Gnomes, and Henrik the Ghost (if he is listening) and I lectured them severely not to pull any shenanigans while the guest is here.

4 May is the birthday of my late mother; it is the first birthday without her. I am trying to get hold of Father to see how he is faring. Nearly a year after her death (June 2020) he still gets tearful when he speaks of her. He misses her so.

4 May is also ‘Stars Wars Day’, something I’ve had to explain to Mother a few times why people are walking around in Star Wars attire on her birthday. She never got the pun reference.

It is Day #3 of the yellow stone still out front. So far so good. I am already eyeing the other rocks in the yard for future projects. BadNoteB (the dear!) sent me a sensational photo of colorful rocks and Robzilla (who is well over four feel) suggested I make a henge – brilliant! I will keep you posted as ‘The Spohenge’ evolves.

Tomorrow is my appointment with The Good Doctor, whom I haven’t seen in over a year. I am looking forward to seeing him – face to face too! I already know what is my bloodwork.* All is stellar with one glaring exception: the A1C is slightly elevated for the first time ever. I wonder if we get into a fracas over what’s to be done about this. (He: metformin; I: get back to the gym after twelve months sitting on my backside).

Final random thought is about kosher salt. One of my cooking teachers ersatz boyfriends on YouTube explained the salt itself is not kosher but it is a type that is used to make things kosher. A better title on the box would be ‘koshering salt”. What makes it different – and why I should be using it – is ‘kosher salt” is large and chunky and more easy to handle (like my men), These attributes make it easier to work with and gauge. Table salt in contrast is too small and it is hard to visualize in the cooking process. Try to tell as many people as you can in town.

*On-line publications of labs sort of takes all the fun out of it. I remember a time when waiting for The Good Doctor to come in to announce what the tests shown. Nowadays I am tempted to cancel the appointment knowing I am going to be told to ‘keep doing what you’re doing” but TGD would be cross if I did that. I know I would be with my own patients.

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