What’s top of my mind – The arrival of The Other Michael. He comes to town today for a week-long holiday. He is well over four feet; please don’t to feed him buns and things. 

Where I’ve been – Nowhere. Since last Wednesday I’ve gone nowhere but the grocery store and the Phoenix office.  I realize I am still dubious to go anywhere public.  With that said …..

Where I’m going – SE Arizona. This weekend we travel to see the sights and try the local wines. It is the first real holiday I’ve had since autumn 2019. Fingers crossed I don’t freak out walking around Bisbee. 

What I’m watching – My blood pressure. About a year ago it was dangerously high around 200/110. Nowadays it is running 110/50 accompanied by lightheadedness. Perhaps it’s time to lay off the Losartan a little. 

What I’m reading – To be determined. The ‘to read’ books are piled high as Fafner’s hoarde and it doesn’t lack for variety.  I cannot settle on which one to begin. I will either pick a light ‘fun’ read or try to tackle “Sons and Lovers”. Now that’s a couple ! 

the dear !

What I’m listening to – The “Build for tomorrow” podcast. Mr. Feifer does a brilliant job talking about the unexpected things that shape us. I recommend it to thems hungry for podcasts. 

What I’m eating – No sugar! I want to avoid the stuff for a season to lower my first-ever borderline-high A1C. Fingers crossed again that  sugar-free diet improves the ichor flowing through my polluted capillaries. 

Who I’m paying attention to – Someone. He is sweeping and mopping the floors. As a housecleaner he surpasses my endeavors by a country mile. I am supervising. 

What I’m planning – No good, that’s certain. With The Other Michael in town and a three day weekend we get to make merry with wine, women, and song.* I promise to ‘tell all’ and make it all up if there isn’t anything. 

*Figuratively speaking.