This blog was inspired by Wicked Hamster (the dear!) who sent me an email about a doorbell he thought I might want to purchase. It plays The University of Michigan’s “Hail to the Victors”. I responded I’d rather eat rats at Tewkesbury (or buckeyes in Cleveland) than purchase such a monstrosity.

It is the primal scream of children throughout time they will turn into their parents. In time they do, but along with this terrible fate comes the realization it isn’t as bad as feared.* Someone frequently questions why on earth I rise at 5AM on Saturdays in a cheerful ‘there’s work to be done!” state of being.

It wasn’t always this way. Follow me into The Way-back Machine and let’s go back circa mid-70s to any Saturday morning in summer. Urs Truly and his band of brothers are upstairs trying to sleep in having stayed up until 2AM playing Dungeons and Dragons. Father is downstairs running around in a cheerful ‘there’s work to be done!” state of being. His progeny aren’t buying it. Dear old Dad is bewildered why we are not as enthused as he is to go out into the yard to mow the grass and haul things about in bags. He would give a few tries to rouse the troops, using cheerleader-type energy and promises of small chocolate cones later on. Then he resorts to using his most barbarous weapon: The University of Michigan “Hail to the Victors”. He play this rousing tune at maximum volume to conjure being right there on the field among the bandmembers. Oh the pain. It was quite efficacious though, we would get up just to have the damn thing turned off.

Many weekends of corvee labors started this way. I am a proud card-carrying alumni, hearing the U of M fight song immediately triggers PTSD-like reactions in me. I never need hear it again. Since I haven’t been to a football game in ages, this is a safe bet. **

I mentioned this memory to Father the other day. He got a chuckle out of it and commented ‘oh, it wasn’t that loud” but he doubled down there was indeed work to be done. I mentioned I now do the same on Saturdays – minus the wretched fight song.

To rouse my sleeping Someone on Saturdays I’ve been tempted to play Act II of ‘Aida”, but I know better.

Spo-fans: do you have a song that causes upset or savagery ?

There’s work to be done !

*I tell my patients in their 20s this is like their parent’s oh-so-practical shoes. Presently you would rather die or go barefoot than wear Dad’s black Oxfords or Mother’s sensible sandals but come your 40s they will be OK. This seldom comforts, but elicits vows of “Not me!” Ah, youth.

**Upon hearing the fight song of that fiendish college located in the state below Michigan causes instant apoplexy.