Spo-fans, this is quick one. I should be packing as we leave soon for a three day weekend to SE Arizona. I am posting this nonsense to keep you lured and to fulfill Stipulation #367 of my contractual obligation, the penalty for breaking it too gruesome to convey. Spo.

Our houseguest The Other Michael (the dear!) arrived safe and sound from the faraway Kingdom of Chicago. He brought us fabulous houseguest prizes. This gesture is very thoughtful and shows he is a man of great manners. I was surprised at first so see how accurate he was to please, until I remembered he reads my blog.

Entombed in a plastic cylinder is a Krampus Christmas ornament. It is ugly as sin and I love it so. My Christmas tree is positively pagan (and frightening) with him among the 13 Yule Lads. I don’t dare take him out of before Christmas time lest he run amok in La Casa de Spo, dragging me off in his wicker basket to horrible tortures like listening to Donny and Marie Christmas music for a year.

Spo-fans know I am fond of church cookbooks. TOM brought me a few circa the early 60s. The recipes aren’t too appetizing but it is jolly good fun to read what was vogue and trendy at that time. There is a recipe in one of them under “International recipes” for something called guacamole. It calls for chopping an avocado, an onion, a tomato, some lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste. Try to tell as many people as you can in town.

Finally, there is that dear bottle of Chicago-made gin. I was not aware there were distilleries in The Windy City – not since Prohibition anyway. I hope they have improved Mr. Capone’s basic recipe, which I’ve read was somewhat harsh. We will open it and have some this evening in Bisbee while we play ‘Sorry!’ and discuss The Thirty Years War.