I am not happy with this entry; it doesn’t feel finished. I decided to post without further delay as I more nervous about posting ‘nothing’ than ‘something bad’. Spo.

Last weekend we had a marvelous hike through some extraordinary rock formations


We also saw Kartchner Caverns, another awesome spectacle.

When I was a lad, Father would take a lot of photos on our family vacations. When we were back home, he would send away the rolls for developing, and a week or so they returned in slide-form. There would be a night chosen (usually a Saturday), a screen was set up, and we would sit and see the photos. There was an anticipation of ‘how they turned out’ and perhaps (given enough lapse of time to forget what was taken) to have sudden recall to see what’s on the screen.  Afterwards the carousel was put away. Nobody thinks to throw them out. When father died he had over one hundred Kodak carousels of slides we have to go through next time I am in town. 

In Tom Robbin’s book ‘Half asleep in frog pajamas’ a woman makes her living by being a professional photo-observer to other people’s vacations.  People pay her to see their vacation photos and hear their stories. She made a lot of money doing this, as many come back from a holiday with a pile of photos and they want to show somebody what they saw but no one wants to see them. Nowadays social media allows one to put up photos of our fabulous outings and then we await your friends’ admiration. The truth is no one really looks at these things but quickly gives a ‘thumbs up’ out of politeness. 

As a consequence when I am on holiday, I don’t take many photos, and when I do they are carefully pruned. Afterwards I hesitate about posting them, maybe one to two to get the ‘gist’ what I saw. So I merely posted these two photos and no more.

We take photographs so we won’t forget what you have done in life. I know when we go through Father’s 100+ carousels most of the slides will be of events and trips we won’t remember even by seeing them and we will throw them out. At least on a laptop the photos don’t take up too much space compared to 100 boxes of Kodak carousels, and they slides can be converted to laptop. This is a lot of work I suppose for something being held onto mostly from guilt.  We have three very old albums which include my parents wedding photos. My laptop has several folders of photos, including my own wedding from three years ago that no one looks at ever. Are these worth keeping and for whom? What is worth keeping really?