What’s top of my mindThe EHR.  The Electronic health record (EHR) promised on its new/improved prescription programme would arrive on 10 May, and so it did. Suddenly I have vast amount of drop boxes and pop-ups etc. giving me all sorts of options I never wanted. It is like going to your favorite diner and knowing its one page menu, only to be presented with shiny four-page layout replete with add-ons and choices and photos so you can’t find where your favorites are or even if they still exist. Oh the horror. I’m hoping this is merely my typical emotional response to something new/different and not liking it and wanting the old set-up. Meanwhile I caution folks to see if their pharmacy is actually getting anything I prescribe.

Where I’ve been – Southeast Arizona. It has a lot of scenic areas. I would go back.

Where I’m goingMichigan.  Next week I go to The Land of Perpetual Snow and Ice to have another round of caretaking Father and giving Brother #3 a break. 

What I’m watchingMy blood pressure. My reads are somewhat low and with lightheaded feelings and dizziness. The Good Doctor advised me to cut the dose down and watch for rebound. So far my BP is rising but this may be due to the new EHR, not the beta-blocker. 

What I’m reading – ‘The Moon’. The author has collected everything there is about the moon. I am in the chapter about all the gods/goddesses associated with the Moon. They are legion! Who knew our only satellite is full up with so many legends?  The cycle of the moon is nearly in synch with the cycle of a woman’s menses. This may be why most moon deities are female.  

The Great Everything

What I’m listening to‘The Wise Hypocrite’ podcast. * Run, don’t walk to this podcast.  Mr. Patrick Daniel does a 5-star podcast on philosophy.  Presently he is doing essays on the ’10 questions of life”.  

What I’m eatingPharm rep luncheon.  Oh the pain. After a year’s hiatus I said ‘yes’ to one of the more insatiable reps. It was the first luncheon in over a year. This occurred on Tuesday when The Boss and many co-workers were present. The staff were so engaging with the salesperson she had no time to talk to me before I had to leave for an appointment. I got food but none of the pitch. Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

Who I’m paying attention toThe temperatures. It is nearly 100F. If we get a few days of this temperature in a row it will fry off the pollen and I will be able to breathe again. I am looking forward to this. 

What I’m planning – a hamburger hot dish. The Other Michael (you may recall) gave me some church cookbooks. While we whizzed about Arizona I bookmarked some recipes to try. These hot dishes are nearly identical that one browns ground beef (often with an onion) and various vegetables and/or noodles are added along with not too much spice and baked at 350F for an hour.  I haven’t figured out which nuanced recipe will be the winner.


*Mr. Daniel recently changed the name of the podcast from “The Great Everything” to “The Wise Hypocrite”.