Between allergies and the medications to treat them, I am worthless. I spent the majority of Saturday in bed. When I was not reading, I was snoozing. I am not one to dream yet I had several humdingers, most of them unpleasant. I guess I needed a day of rest – and a day of doing nothing. There is a part of me that felt a bum for such indolence, but the rest of me thought it scrumptious. Today I will do a few things, but otherwise the weekend was two days of leisurely nothing. When did you last do that?*

For a week I am deleting the Facebook app from my iPhone. I am curious to see what this does for me. My hypothesis is I will have lots more time. If this works well I may start eliminating other apps, turning my iPhone more like a proper phone and not a time-sucking entertainment center. 

Today I go back to the gym, hopefully on a regular basis. I’ve tried a few times but I didn’t feel OK to stay. Now that I’ve been vaccinated, I feel the risk/benefit ratio has shifted towards the lack of exercise being more detrimental to my health than contagion. All the same I plan on keeping my mask on. Indeed I plan on wearing one for some time into the future. History shows whenever an epidemic starts to slow down, people drop their guard and there is a surge of sickness. I wonder if rude people will tell me to remove my mask. If they do I am prepared with a set of responses calculated to do the most damage. This is a egregious violation of the Miss Manners’ advice never to return rudeness with rudeness, but I won’t be rude per. I will simply say something to make them feel scared and awful. 🙂

I am thinking of starting a category of Spo-reflections called: “Everything you know is Wrong”.  This is a reference to The Firesign Theatre’s parody on UFOs and conspiracy theories. In it, I will discuss a so-called truism and how it is more complex than I realized. I will try a few out and see if the Spo-fans care for it. 

One final Sunday Spo-bit: this morning during the dog walk another rock followed me home. It looks to be of igneous origin and it was standing in the middle of the wash. Rationalists would say a rainstorm must have washed it down into it, but there was no signs of such to support the hypothesis. The rock was standing there as if purposely placed for me to pick it up. I will paint this one red, Jungle Red, one coat or two. 

*I woke this morning to find Someone had slept in The Blue Room. He declined our usual Sunday ablutions of Einstein Brothers, Albertsons, and car wash, for he too had a bad night of allergies and was zonked on Rx.