My brothers and I regularly text each other, mostly about chit-chat and funny photos*. I’ve recently included these fine fellows (who are all well over four feet) into ‘The daily “Good Morning!” meme club’.

Bruce, a friend of mine who lives in California, every day texts me a “Good morning!” meme. He does not miss a day. They are made by the management at his condominium in Palm Springs and sent to the owners who want one. These are usually tasteful Palm Springs scenarios.  Bruce occasionally makes his own usually of tasteful Palm Springs of his condominium. Bruce sends the meme to others as well. I don’t know if all reciprocate to him, but I always do.  I nearly always send a “Good morning” meme back – which are not of Palm Springs scenarios nor are they tasteful. Bruce usually responds to mine with LOL or a question of what the hell is that. 

An example of Bruce’s

Later I dawned on me to do onto others.  Every morning after Bruce shows me his and I in turn show him mine, I proceed to pullulate the text to my own nearest and dearest. First in line is The Best Friend. After him comes my chums in Illinois, followed by The Brothers.  Then I jump over to the East Coast (who are often well into their mornings) and work westward to Shawn (the dear!) of Fearsome Beard.  

Some recipients always respond back while others seldom do or not at all.  It does not matter to me. Some don’t always get a daily dose, for I sense they are not wanting such. **

there are lovelies on the internet

I like this daisy chain of morning greetings, this simple hello! to let folks know I am thinking of them. Perhaps they have an anticipation of ‘what will today’s meme be?” 

for mornings I am rawther exhausted

I hope thems who receive them enjoy them. I like sending them, along with thoughts towards their welfare.

If any Spo-fans want a (near) daily “Good Morning” meme sent to them I would be blithe to include you.

*Brother #3 sent a photo of George, his cat, in a KFC bucket, with the title “Meat’s back on the menu, boys!”  I sent back my meme made from a photo of said cat that says “George the Cat is not amused”. Brother #4 found this hilarious. Brother #2, who does not rise before noon, did not participate.

my Wednesday morning meme

**No one has yet texted me back to say ‘please stop doing this’. I suppose thems who never reciprocate could be sending me an indirect speech act of cease and desist.