Greetings from Michigan Land of Perpetual Snow and Ice.
I spend most of my time is taking care of Papa.
He enjoys singing along with one-time tunes which he generates from the Echo.
Although it is 80 degrees, he is always cold.
Here in the gallery we see rare paintings done by the Not-so-Old Masters, in their ‘blue’ period which was post-Impressionism pre-first grade.
Brother #3 displays a honeycomb ready to go into his nearly erected beehive.
Here is Urs Truly, dressed in the height of bee-keeper fashion, which is Spo-shirt and fancy chapeau.
Brother #3 assures me bees are quite tame if you are not doing anything to disturb them.
This sounds like assuring North Korea is not a threat if we don’t bother them.
Notice how this photo was taken at a distance.
This is a close up of some real proper honey bees before they came out an assaulted Brother #3
After the beehive we went to feed the chickens. They have insatiable appetites and eat anything.
Here they are biting at the bit for whatever we bring them – which included egg shells.
This seems wrong.
While the ladies feast on corn kernels and table scraps, Urs Truly gathers up the eggs.
The ping-pong ball acts as a sort of signal to say ‘hey here’s a good place to plop down an egg’.
Apparently it is quite efficacious.
Warrior-queen is a bright girl of ten, orderly in ways, in what she eats and how she has her school books ‘just so”.

Someone with girls, please explain.
Luna has LDD (Lack of attention deficit disorder).
She is a sweet cat really but finds photographs irksome as they interfere with being stroked.

These crazy tuxedo cats! What would we do without them?
Tending fathers, bees, chickens, and cats is rawther exhausting.
One has to lie down once in a while for a rest.

When in doubt, get horizontal.