Today I learned Ann Marie, A.K.A. Warrior Queen passed away last night. Todd, her husband, called me last night to inform me she was in hospital. This morning he called with the terrible news. Oh the pain. Truly.

Of all the bloggers buddies I have ever encountered, she was one best and always one ofmy favorites. I often call Spo-fans ‘dears’, but she truly was a dear. She regularly called me to say hello, and at my birthday she never failed to send a card. She always left comments, even on the lame ones that deserved no comment.

I don’t know anyone whose heart was larger. She adored all her blogger-buddies. She was like a den mother to a bunch of boisterous blogging boy scouts – especially the gay hirsute ones.

What I liked most about her was her courage. She faced things straight on and she take no prisoners. She was unafraid nor hesitant to call out bullshit – I use that word as she would- and she didn’t care tuppence what others thought of her – although she used for more salty words.

I had the ongoing joke about my disappointment at never getting a pony for Christmas. WQ, who was a ferocious knitter, made me one. I cherish it, and when I put it out at Christmas time, I will whisper it her name.

And now she was dead; I am weeping as I write this. She gave me so much joy, and more important, she comforted me; she stiffened my spine.

Dance like the world is watching.

Thank you, Anne Marie, my Warrior Queen.