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What’s top of my mindMy mother. It’s been a year (1 June) since her death. Yesterday on the phone Father sounded OK. He told me his granddaughter/my niece Princess-Goddess made him a small chocolate cone and this was cheery.  

Where I’ve been – The Mesa office. I saw staff whom I haven’t seen in over a year. I met some new ones, some I’ve only known by email. I went to introduce myself to one staff member only to discover it was The Boss-woman! In my defense, she was in a mask and I haven’t seen her in over a year either. She’s changed her hair too.

Where I’m going –  The gym. It is again convenient to go to the gym on my way home from work. I am one of the few, the proud, the masked. It feels good to lift weight again, but oh it is going to be slow progress. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and Naples wasn’t rebuilt in a year. I am no spring chicken.

Vampires both of them.

What I’m watching“Only lovers left alive”. On the recommendation of Brother #2 I watched this romance/vampire movie. Half of the movie was set in the run-down sections of Detroit. I recognized the scenes. Interesting that one of the vampires didn’t see decay but a city to rise up again ‘it has water [meaning the great lakes] and the cities in the south are burning away. It (the city) will rise like the phoenix.

What I’m reading –  The same books as last time. I am making little progress with the three I have going. I should probably just stick with one of them and finish it off.

What I’m listening to –  Mozart K.32 or 33 I can’t remember where I left off in my pursuit to here all of Herr Mozart’s music, K. 1-626. These early ones sort of all sound alike and they need very careful attention to appreciate what’s going on. No background music, this!

What I’m eatingLeftovers. The four dishes I made over the Memorial Day weekend were a mixed bag of success. They have in common are a lot of leftovers. I will be eating off of these simple suppers for a fortnight.

Who I’m paying attention to – Harper. Now that we are both back ‘at the office’ she is more home alone. I hope this doesn’t make her feel lonesome.

What I’m planning –  Summer vacation. Maybe. My next trip to Michigan (in July) will be a week long, so I may not have much time otherwise for a proper summer holiday. I would like to go somewhere, anywhere. There is no lack of options! Maybe I will delay for an autumnal one. There are so many nice people to visit in the East and I can see the fall colors too, if I am lucky.

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