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Life is strange but true. After a week ‘back in the saddle’ as it were, in the offices, the past year of working from home now feels but a dream, dreamt by The Red King, sleeping away under a tree, while we wonder what was true.

Some of the patients are returning for face-to-face appointments, but most continue to do ‘zoom’. This may be because their appointments were established weeks if not months ago.  I am curious to see if the ratio changes in time. Meanwhile, I keep the office presentable lest folks come in.  Both my office is decorated in a pastiche of old books and bibelots, a tea set, and a shelves full of rocks. Patients bring them in and I won’t say no. In the Mesa office is a framed watercolor of the Pleiades a patient gave me nearly a decade ago. I am sorry to say I cannot remember her name but I can see her face. I believe she has died. I think of her though every time I see it.

There is no news at home. Next week’s Wednesday’s Ws may be canceled if I don’t have something to report.  This weekend is tidy-up and paperwork and that’s hardly worth mentioning. I don’t know what Someone is planning for the weekend. He likes to ‘binge watch’ TV series from start to finish. I brought back from MI a quaint, slightly dated but still functioning portable DVD player, so I may watch “Sordid Lives” to see if it is still funny.  I have a fancy to see all the Star Wars movies but can’t determine whether to see them in chronological order or in order they debuted.  I recall there were a few side-job movies, and these aren’t clear where to insert them.

Perhaps I will catch up with some continuing medical education credits and finish off a book.  I lead a dull life.  I might float about the pool like a soggy crumpet, provided I keep under the umbrella.  The ardent 40C sunshine does not allow for long periods in the pool.  I hope in my dwam Jenny Greenteeth doesn’t drag me down to my doom although that would give me something to write about next Wednesday.  Sounds good. 

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