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It’s now hot enough (40C) to haut out the large glass mason jar from behind the Tupperware and make solar tea. I use Irish Breakfast as this brand doesn’t get bitter sitting in the ardent Arizona sun. A batch lasts about a week, just in time to make another.

It’s also time to make a fresh batch of one of my favorite summer libations: Windex. Add a slice of lemon and a fluorescent pink swizzle stick and Bob’s your uncle it’s summer time. I keep a pre-made batch (minus the 7-UP) in the fridge, in a glass bottle.

A few weeks ago I bought a T-shirt with a design made by my niece Princess-Goddess. It arrived yesterday. Today I go to the gym dressed in the height of work-out fashion, which is a purple pink-winged monster with nasty big pointy teeth.

This morning we went to my favorite breakfast diner, the first time going in fourteen months. I had the ‘sun devil skillet’ with the obligatory salsa and hot sauce. It’s a rare dish that doesn’t get either southwestern condiment added to it.

This afternoon I need to fill out FMLA forms and LOA (leave of absence) papers. This always makes me grumpy. No matter what I write, the insurance companies and employers will reject them. Afterwards, the patients become upset as the companies/employer tells them it is my fault when it fact what they do is stall and stall until the patients (unpaid for not working) become desperate and return to work regardless of their capabilities. The insurance companies/employers then point this out the patients didn’t really didn’t need time off as they have returned to work.

Now I am in a bad mood.

I am reading a book all about the moon. Chapter 8 is about the history of the moon in astrology. I know my sun sign, which is Cancer*, but I didn’t know there was a moon sign too. I just checked on line at one of those ‘calculate your moon sign’ websites to learn my moon sign is Virgo. A second opinion on another site said the same. I don’t know what that means yet, other than I now have a lot more cookies following me around the internet.

That’s about all the Spo-bits that’s fit to print. I am overdue to check on my blogger buddies; this is on the agenda this evening. See you soon.

*Cancer: a giant blackhole of endless emotional needs.

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