The other day I heard a podcast of a group of nerds* in a disquisition about ‘guilty pleasures’, applied to old sci-fi movies. They started by trying to define what a guilty pleasure is. I don’t recall their agreed-upon definition, other than it is sort of like a triple-cheeseburger: you know it’s not good for you, others would disapprove, and there is even an element of unhealthiness to it, but dammit it tastes good.  It is something you don’t eat every day (or confess doing so) but jolly good fun to indulge in once in a while. 

This got me thinking. What are my guilty pleasures and do I dare share them online lest Dame Public Opinion disapprove or Spo-fans cancel in disgust and disapproval?  One approach is to dismiss the word ‘guilt. As the late Anne Marie would say, I don’t get a f-k what others think!”  I am too Midwestern in my roots to take that approach (worse luck!) but I will be brave and share some of my worst guilty pleasures and face the condemnation. 

Club Sandwiches. They are not lo-cal; they are not high-class. What they are though is delicious. They combine the crispness of toast (oh the carbs!) with the coolness of sliced tomato and lettuce and cold cuts with oh so tasty mayo. And it has bacon – so what’s not to love? They are usually served with a pile of equally guilt-ridden fries – and plenty of ketchup or mayo-based sauce in which to dip these triangular lovelies. The cut sandwiches allow me to eat 1-3 and save the others for later. Did you know CLUB may stand for ‘Chicken Lettuce Underneath Bacon sandwich?  Maybe. 

Piers Anthony novels. I am almost ashamed to type this.  He’s written scores of sci-fi and fantasy books and they can be mindless fun. Unlike the works of Terry Prachatt, his tales are just silly, almost puerile, admittedly dated, and at times bordering on the erotic/misogynist . Oh the embarrassment. Once in a while I reread one of these rubbish novels and I feel fifteen years old again.

Walt Disney movies. Speaking of kiddie-wink past times, I still enjoy going to The Tube of You and watching clips from the Mouse Movies. What I like to watch are: 

a) any scene involving magic being used.  


b) villains getting their comeuppance. 

May I add a very guilty pleasure Walt Disney movie is “Peter Pan”?  If “Song of the South” is banned for racism, Peter Pan ought to be as well. Go see the song ‘What makes a red man red?” and one has to squirm with its wrongness.  All the same, I adore Captain Hook and always rooted for him over that twerp twinkie Peter Pan. 

Silly Hats. On my bucket list is to own a Top Hat, a proper one, no rubbish. Wearing silly hats is guilty pleasure is hard to indulge in as wearing them at home is too odd-ball yet being out of doors in a large over-the-top Viking helmet (horns included) creates talk. Halloween and Christmas are the few times of the year I can pull off this nonsense without police officers stopping me to ask if I am OK. 

Tiki cocktails. I pride myself in my sophisticated palate for wine, whisky, and what not; I have been called a snob and I can’t deny it. However, if I see such delicacies like “Zombie” or “Scorpion” or “Mai Tai” on the drinks menu, my eyes widen, and my face lights up with joy with the radiance of a brilliant sunrise.  I want plenty of fruit, an umbrella, a swizzle stick – the whole works. Tiki drinks aren’t so much a drink but an event. Besides, they go so well with the Spo-shirts, which is another guilty pleasure of mine, as these are not in fashion.**

Spo-fans: I would be delighted to hear about one or two of your guilty pleasures. I promise not to judge or go ‘ewwww’.  

*What do you call a group of nerds? I went on line to find the right word. What I found was ‘a ham radio club’. 

**They are not my fashion, but my style. Get it right !