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It’s rawther hot, hitting highs between 40 and 47C. Above 42C it doesn’t matter; it is just bloody hot and the mantra ‘it’s a dry heat’ is of no comfort. Mad dogs and Englishman go out in the mid-day sun but not I, not if I can help it. Even the pool isn’t much help given the blazing sunshine; one tans in five minutes.

Sunday is ‘slow cooker day’ at La Casa de Spo. It is sometimes a challenge to find something Someone will like. Today I am doing chicken tikka masala. I like Indian cuisine, the spicier the better. Some say tikka masala is not proper Indian food, along the line chop suey is not proper Chinese cuisine. I like tikka anyway and it makes for good leftovers eating.

Last Friday The Bosses fired the two most recent incarnations of The Best Medical Recipients. People come and go so quickly here. Keeping the post filled is more difficult than that of Professor of defense against the dark arts at Hogwarts. I understand why one of the incarnations was let go, but not the other. She came to me last Friday in tears to say she was going – now – and she wanted to say I was the best doctor she’s ever worked with as I was so nice (to her and others). I will miss that one. I wonder who will be working on Monday. I’ve learned not to get too fond of them as they don’t stay, usually sacked.

Spo-fans know I enjoy finding fancy and fustian words. I recently learned of the word ‘spuddle”. It is a verb, apparently from the 1600s, which means to work ineffectively; to be extremely busy whilst achieving nothing. What a word! It needs a revival. Try using it in an email today.

Now I must walk the dog. In ardent weather, walks must be done very early in the morning and again after the sun sets as the pavement is too hot for old paws. I don’t care much for it either. Happily there is plenty of solar tea at hand. In this weather it cooks in only a few hours.

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