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This week’s Wednesday’s Ws are back to my own. The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections tell me they enjoyed their turn but didn’t feel a great need to repeat it anytime soon.

What’s top of my mindmy innards. Something I ate perhaps – or is it anxiety? Whatever the cause, something has raised a ruckus to make in me what the French call abdominal abominable. Someone reports having nothing similar, so it wasn’t the crockpot tikka masala as suspected. I am sticking with the sage advice to avoid curried snacks.

Where I’ve been –  Lams Supermarket. Travel Penguin (the dear!) recently informed me of this local Asian market for me to try. “Local” is a stretch as it is located on the other side of town. It was worth the drive. It is full up with all sorts of lovely items, all from Asia, many I want to try. Besides noodles from every land, there are all sorts of vegetables and spices I have never heard of. I bought my first jar of Kimchi. They sell jackfruit, something I am hoping to try some day. They are huge things, like the eggs of some sort of dragon. I need to research how to work with one before I tackle eating one of these monsters.

Where I’m going –  into my journals. I am trying find the name of a certain Mexican restaurant I want to revisit when I am next in Palm Springs. The trip isn’t until November but I am already dreaming of what I want to do there, particularly the restaurants. I also need to learn of the restaurants survived the pandemic. I’ve learned not to become too attached to eateries in Palm Springs; they are ephemeral.

What I’m watching the plants in the backyard. With temperatures now regularly over 40C, the potted plants need daily watering – sometimes two times a day. I am already losing things to the ardent heat. I may have to bring some indoors if they are to survive until autumn.

What I’m reading –  A letter. I recently received one in the post. It is a proper letter on 81/2 x 11 paper, about three pages long. I cannot remember the last time I received one. I am reading it slowly, as letters ought to be read, preferably with a nice hot cup of tea while sitting at the table reading in peace and quiet. Letters should not be skimmed like email. What a pleasure! It feels like a blast from the past, when people took time to write and communicate their thoughts.

What I’m listening to ‘The Greatest Showman’ soundtrack. I only recently saw the movie and I liked it a lot I especially liked the songs. There were enough tunes for me to buy it for my iPhone.

What I’m eatingStone soup. Last weekend I applied my cooking skills to create a soup out all the leftovers I could find in the fridge that needed attention ASAP or risk being thrown out. It was made with carrots, celery, and onions all a bit past their prime, as well as some leftover broth and bullion. Orzo was added at the end. For the meat I used the leftover SPAM from a pasta dish, diced into spoon-sized pieces. It wasn’t too bad. Come to think of it, this isn’t stone soup, it is spam soup.

Who I’m paying attention to The post. Speaking of the post, last week I ordered some socks, bright and bold, with gay colors the way I like them. Jolly good fun to wear some whimsical hosiery! It is always nice to get something in the post that isn’t junk mail or a bill.

What I’m planning – A night on my own. Someone is beginning to work again at the theatre, which leaves me ‘home alone’ this Saturday night. It will be my first in over a year. I plan on listening to podcasts and medical lectures do some sewing, as I cook a meal I want he won’t particularly like.

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