I dropped my phone and now it’s broken; I cannot make or receive texts or phone calls. As I have no landline, I’ve unwillingly become one of those luddites or oldsters who ‘don’t have a phone’. I told folks on Facebook and I sent an email to Brother #3 to ‘spread the word’ so people won’t worry I’ve been abducted by aliens again. Life without a phone! This is both nerve-wracking and liberating. I’d be willing to go without for awhile, but I need one for work for receiving passcodes to write prescriptions.

Have you ever gone without a phone?

Some demon placed into my head a hankering for Blue Moon ice cream, something I haven’t had since I was ten years old. I tried explaining the color and taste to Someone, who had never heard of such a thing. “What does it taste like?” he asked me. “Like Blue Moon ice cream!” I told him. My search online (prior to dropping the phone) conveys Blue Moon this is mostly a Midwestern delicacy. I have to wait until I travel to Michigan next month to find some.

Have you ever had Blue Moon ice cream?

Today is Father’s Day. When Someone returns home from work this evening we will call papa on his phone and wish him a happy day. Father’s Day was never a big deal in The House of Spo. There were never any dinners or prizes. He likes phone calls and that’s that. This week he received the sad news his eyesight is not going to improve. He sounded resigned to such, saying he is glad this happens at 84 and not at 64. Good for him.

Is Father’s Day a big to-do in your family?

Before the phone went kaputt I was listening to a podcast on The Taiping Rebellion. Do you know of this historical event? Hong Xiuquan, a young man in China in the mid-19th century, had a nervous breakdown after his fourth failure at passing exams to become a civil servant. In his upset he started having dreams and beliefs he was the younger brother of Jesus Christ. He would lead China into a heavenly kingdom on earth, with all the usual sumptuary laws against everything human: eating, drinking, having sex, you name it. The Manchus who were in charge were a bit peeved at this notion, and the resulting fourteen year long civil war ended in 30-50 million people dead. Since my iphone died before I could hear Part 3, I don’t know what happened to Mr. Hong.*

Have you ever slaughtered an entire town in the name of religion?

Today’s final Spo-bit is about the summer solstice. This occurs today local time 830PM. It means there will be less sunshine every day until December 20th and I say good riddance. We have way too much sunshine as it is. When I visit Michigan next month I want a week of nonstop rain, preferably with thunderstorms. I want to sit on the patio porch with Papa while eating blue moon ice cream. Being blind, he doesn’t have a phone and perhaps neither will I. This sounds not bad at all.

How’s the weather where you are?

*I went to The Wiki and had a look-see: he ends badly.