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Replacing the busted iPhone was an easy process really. The perky saleslady, who looked to be about seventeen, did a very good good at setting me up with a new phone in the “11” series, all shiny and new, and bright red to match my eyes. Unfortunately, something was wrong with the iCloud or the home computer, so I’ve lost all my photos and memes – worse luck. I have a some things backed up in the laptop, so I can piece a lot back together in time.

From Saturday night until Sunday evening when the new phone started working, I was bereft of a phone. It was a funny feeling. I had a young woman referred to me after she had a massive panic attack while hiking in the mountains with her friends. For the first time in her life she could not use her phone. She didn’t like my assurance people throughout time have done this sort of thing for spiritual and health sake – what she found horrid. I thought of her in these past 24 hours. Someone went to work, so I was not only home alone but cut off from others. It was quiet – very. It was somewhat unsettling. As I worked about the house in silence I could not remember the last time people were not able to get hold of me and vice versa. I could quickly going to liking this and not getting a phone -who needs the news and podcasts and social media sites? I got enough to last me a lifetime.

Driving around town today prior to my appointment at the Apple Store, I could not remember a time when the phone wasn’t playing music, podcasts, or medical lectures, or audio-books. Driving in silence was more uncomfortable than silence at home. Lo! The car has a radio! AM and FM! Do these things still exist and does anyone still listen to such?

Radio it turns out hasn’t changed any since I last tuned in decades ago. It was Sunday; the AM stations still play gospel music and fire-and-brimstone preaching. FM still has yackety-yack-yack DJS – even the tunes they were playing were the same one from my past. Someone listens to Sirius FM, so I turned that on and found a station titled “The 60s” and had a groovy far-out time hearing the likes of The Turtles and The Rolling Stones. As Pepys would say: “And it pleased me very much”.

I had to get a phone for work as this is how the spread-out staff gets hold of me, as does the pager service. An app generates passcode numbers for me to write prescriptions. If it weren’t for work I was nearly ready to cancel my appointment at the Apple Store and go native. But I did not. I think I will do more quiet time in the car and the home. I think it will do me good.

*While waiting for The Apple Gods to bestow their blessings onto my new phone, I asked her how long she had been working for Apple. “Ten years!” she grinned. I never feel so old as when in an Apple Store conversing with the salespeople, who all looked like they were born yesterday.

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