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What’s top of my mindThe arrival of the new iPhone cover. Spo-fans may recall I had to buy a new phone when I dropped the old one. The new one, with its thin and shiny metal cover, is as slippery as catfish in Vaseline. It seems determined to join its predecessor on the floor. I’ve already near dropped it a few times. Someone (who does these sort of things for me) contacted Mr. Bezo who is sending me a iPhone 11 cover. It is made of sponge rubber or something, bright red – to match my eyes. This way I can spot it from across a crowded room as well as protect it from my bungling.

Where I’ve been – Starbucks. Oh the horror. It is was first one I’ve entered in years. I got me a small coffee and within half an hour my heart was doing the flip-flops. No more Starbucks, ever!

Where I’m going –  Car wash. Every Saturday we go to DuckDuckGo the local carwash, where we have a monthly subscription. In the desert there is a continuous sprinkling of dust and cars get quickly coated. After a quick drive-through we vacuum the car for bits of things and I wipe down the insides of the doors with towels I remember to bring with us. These always come out dirty, which makes me wonder how the dirt gets inside. Then again dust gets into everything here so I should not be shocked.

What I’m watchingDr. Who. When it comes to television, Someone and I do not have the same tastes, but we both enjoy Dr. Who. We are presently slogging our way through The Doctor in David Tennent form. The episodes are silly but jolly good fun. I do my ironing while we watch Dr. Who.

What I’m reading –  The Psychiatric Times. You may have heard there is a new medication out for Alzheimer’s. There is a lot of brouhaha about this drug and how it came to be approved after it was rejected as ineffective. The general consensus: the FDA allowed it onto the market although it has no proven benefit and at a frightful cost. It is bad science – done under pressure to give folks something/anything to have hopes on, provided of course you can pay for it. I empathize with the folks desperate for something to try and do. On the other hand, I wouldn’t want my relations to try it – not at that price.

What I’m listening to –  Savor. This podcast is all about food. “The food chicks” as I call them are doing the history of the tootsie roll. I am not a great fan of these sweets. Although I don’t turn them down there were always bottom of the barrel/last things ate in my loot of Halloween candy loot, which is bad, as they become hard as hockey pucks in time.

Spo-fans: do you like Tootsie Rolls?

What I’m eatingKing Ranch Casserole. This dish is the love-child of The Midwest and The Southwest. Poblanos, onions, jalapenos and tortillas etc. are combined with canned cream of this, that, and the other, and baked into a hot-dish, served with salsa. The ingredients vary. Next time I plan to use hard tortillas not the soft ones, although I fear this maybe just nachos. This is not lo-cal cuisine, but it is delicious, and a nice way of using up old chicken.

Who I’m paying attention to – The painters next door. The HOA sent us a letter of complaints our house needs repainting. They aren’t entirely wrong: the green highlight color is faded. The houses on our street are painted in shades of brown of a uniform ugliness although no two are alike. We had ours painted a creamy white with green highlights. There was talk – even harsh words from the neighbors on this choice. We pointed out these colors were HOA approved. Alas, they are no longer approved, so we will probably have to become another brown liver-colored monstrosity. Stirges. So far no one has complained about the brightly-painted rocks I’ve put out front.

What I’m planning – A budget. In my bachelor days I regularly did a budget. I wanted to make sure money wasn’t slipping through my fingers or I was unconsciously spending badly. We don”t have a budget. This leaves me with the paradoxical emotions of feeling we can afford anything and we are in dire straits. I would prefer a mutually created budget but I am willing to do it on my own.I don’t really know how to do a budget; this is mostly driven by the sense one ought to have one. While I don’t know what to do exactly, I want to start doing something. On the journey I will figure out what are the goals and what needs doing.

Do you do a budget? Do you do it with your significant other?

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