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I painted another emotional pet rock. This one is an angry red, to match my eyes. The previous ones, yellow and blue, have already faded in the intensity of the Arizona sunshine. I brought them in for another coat. Yikes! They were so hot, I got a mild burn!

I dropped an ice cube in the laundry room and when I tidied up the spill with a washcloth, I was shocked by the dirt that came up with the water. This prompted me to sweep and mop all floors. Oh the horror; they were quite schumtzig. It was hard work, but I get to start the week with the quiet satisfaction the floors are bereft of dirt and dog hair. There was enough of the latter to make Harper a puppy companion.

Tonight I make Bulgarian beef stew, a recipe from my accordion file of clippings I got from the food magazines. I don’t know what makes it Bulgarian; I am not familiar with their culture or cuisine. The recipe involves a lot of garlic, paprika, and 5-10 bay leaves. I told Someone I was off to Uncle Albertons to get some bay leaves, as the ones in pantry were past their prime. He heard me say “Bailey’s” and questioned why I needed so many.

Speaking of booze buying, the wine refrigerator here at La Casa de Spo is bereft of table wine. Everything I have is top-notch high-quality stuff, reserved for special meals and company that never happen. I like basic sippers for every day consumption. Someone declined my invitation to accompany me to Total Wine. This is foolish of him as left alone in a wine store I come home with far more than l planned. I was on the hunt for ‘inexpensive good stuff’. I came home with twelve bottles of the biggest collection of “Summer rain” white wine one can imagine.* The staff recommendation tags assured me although these were dirt cheap they not to pass over; they were good. I think the cheapest I bought was five dollars.** If too nasty I can use them in my cooking.

Someone doesn’t like red wines (they give him headaches), so a bottle of that sort is for myself. After I drink a few glasses over a few days they go off and I loose interest, resulting in waste. I am going to try box wine as a hopeful means to have me some Cab without throwing out half the bottle. The salesman, who was well over four feet, assured his boxed wines are decent, tasty, and a good bargain – like my men. I will have a glass with my Bulgarian goulash this evening and see.

Finally: Spo-fans may be keen to know I have started ‘The Budget Project’. I started with understanding I need to figure out where our money comes from, and some categories of expenses (food, mortgage, liquor, etc.) Someone and I don’t have fixed monthly incomes; they vary by how much we work. It feels a good first step. I just hope I don’t find anything shocking or scandalous.

The week ahead looks like more of my usual. I think some folks have this Friday off, but not I.

*Summer rain: A product you buy you think was carefully selected for your tastes when it fact it was the item the salesperson had determined ahead of time to sell the next customer, regardless.

**Double Dog Dare. Fingers crossed.

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