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What’s top of my mindAnnual enrollment of benefits. Oh the pain. This always puts me in mood. Every year about this time I get a Hobson’s choice of keeping what I have (lousy) or picking another plan (just as lousy). Keeping what I have is easy enough but each year I pay more and get less. Everyone bitches about this but when real change is proposed everyone becomes scared and keeps the lousy system we have and the cycle repeats.

Where I’ve been –  Under the washer machine. The laundry room has some sort a sinister pull that numerous items get sucked underneath or behind the washer machine. Among the dust bunnies (big a Buicks) there are numerous coins, shirt collar tabs, and a single bright red sock. This is a disappointment, as I am missing a black one. While the washer acts like a dragon sitting on top of a treasure hoard, the dryer folds time and space in order to send objects to Narnia or someplace similar. For the moment both diabolical devices are sitting on cleaned and dust-free surfaces.

Where I’m going – AZ teeth whitening. It’s been over a year since Someone and I went to have our knashers whitened. Regular tea consumption makes mine look like old ivory. It will take the extra-strength chemicals to get them cleaned. It is a pleasant experience though, lounging in an easy chair, listening to music, while youngsters (early 20s perhaps) attend to me.

What I’m watching A day in Pompeii (a very bad one). The Tube of Yous sends me constant invitations to watch things it thinks I will find interesting. I was recently linked to see a reenactment Mount Vesuvius wiping out Pompeii. Why is it we (I) are mesmerized by natural disasters wiping out mankind? I suppose it is a mixture of Schadenfreude and a some feelings about the hubris of man that Mother Nature brings us down so readily. Maybe it’s just jolly good fun to see things blow up.

What I’m reading –   Opera News. This month’s edition has in it a photo of a friend of mine, a prominent accompanist to some major operatic singers. I hadn’t heard from Martin in ages, so I sent him an email telling him I was thinking of him. He answered right back and was delighted to hear from me. He lives in Michigan; I hope on one of my trips to town we can meet and have sushi, his favorite.

What I’m listening to Petula Clark. The other day while listening to the ’60s’ station on Sirius I heard “Downtown” which I haven’t thought of in decades. Turns out in my iPhone/library I have Ms. Clark’s ‘greatest hits’ album. Funny how my phone carries stuff I don’t know about. Someone tells me she is still alive, is this possible?

What I’m eatingLeftover stew. My attempt at Bulgarian stew was a flop. The meat chunks were tough, and the gravy was like water. For all the spices I added, it tasted bland. What a page 71, and after all that effort too. Alas, Babylon! I have heaps of leftovers which I am am too Midwestern to put down the wastepipe. So I am eating the leftovers as I can. It hasn’t improved with age either.

Who I’m paying attention to –  The post. I am out of shirt labels; I used the last one up making the Christmas shirt. I found the original order form and ordered some new ones on line. I will have plenty for awhile. Speaking of the post, we got a cheque in the mail the other day for a substantial amount of money. Apparently it is a refund or a correction from our recent refinancing – to our favor. This would be a ‘hot puppies!” moment but we are suspicious someone is going to call/write to say this is a mistake and give it back.

What I’m planning A Moscow Mule tasting event. Someone and I are checking out canned cocktails to see if they are any good. What a concept! You open the can, pour and serve. Some of these seem silly as it is easy enough already to make a gin and tonic – and we have better ingredients. Same for margaritas. However, Moscow Mules require work and muddling and several ingredients, so an easy-pour MM makes some sense. I bought two brands, each with four petit cans. This weekend I will pour one of each and see if a) we can tell the difference b) which is preferable and c) is it worth buying again. Someone likes Moscow mules, but he doesn’t like copper/metal cups. He gets his in a glass.

What’s making me smile – Taking inspiration from “Pop Culture Happy Hour”, I thought to add this W. What is making me smile this week is this photo taken by SIL #3:

Papa’s birthday was 28 June; he is 85 years old. Princess-Goddess made him a pan cake (yellow). She is to his left and Warrior-Queen and Posthumous Thomas are on his right. What a happy birthday this was for him. 🙂

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