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While sitting in front of a blank Word document, The Muses (or somebody like them) popped into my pumpkin “What do you know?” This may be Super-Ego talking and not The Muses, or perhaps it was The Norns. It was a hit and run; I didn’t see the driver.  Well, it’s what’s on the menu, so let’s look at this. When asked what don’t you know, one is supposed to respond with a humble ‘a lot’ or “as I age, I realize I know less”. Both are true but uninspiring for a blog post.  

Throw a ball.  Not only do I not know how to throw a ball, I don’t remember anyone trying to teach me. Maybe people picked up on something early that said ‘don’t bother’. Sometimes I think I should learn just to say I got around to it, but I have reached the time of life I am not interested in throwing things other than my weight around, which I do well already.

Why people pull out in front in traffic rather than wait for me to first pass.  Being board-certified in psychiatry and neurology hasn’t helped an iota to answer the question where in the brain does it exist to not wait until traffic is better but pull in front of others. There is a part of my brain however that has cat-like sense this is about to happen (again). Mercifully, no accidents have happened so far.

What is the name of the Phoenix basketball team. This tid-bit of knowledge is an example of something I probably ought to know, lest it comes up in conversation and I can’t feign I am following but am too timorous to ask ‘is that the basketball team?”  It is also rude to suddenly whip out my phone in the middle or a conversation to ask Siri or somebody like her who are the Diamondbacks. *

Where I put my (fill in the blank).  Unless kept them firmly in hand, objects like keys, cups, books, and wearing apparel are suddenly whisked away by The Car Key Gnomes or The Cup Sprites et. al. and transported across La Casa de Spo to faraway surfaces or into drawers.

Why Someone stays.  I suppose legal marriage is the main reason, along with familiarity. Poor fellow! He is content to work and watch TV and doesn’t need me bouncing about the place (usually looking for lost objects) or interrupting his programme to ask him what is the name of the basketball team here in Phoenix or would he like a nice hot cup of tea which he never wants and I explain it’s really good tea which always gets a second no thank you along with an indirect speech act to I scram.  Someday he is going to show up in court either for divorce or as a defendant in a homicide trial, time will tell which.  

Why I keep writing this.  Speaking of indirect speech acts, the daimon who suggested this blog topic has returned, directly telling me to stop. Now. So I will. 

There are a lot of other things I don’t know but they must wait for another opportunity. Besides, I need to find my cup of tea, it’s probably getting cold by now.

*After I wrote this, I looked this one up. The basketball team is The Suns.  Try to tell as many people as you can in town.

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