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Yesterday I didn’t do my customary World of mine Wednesday. I thought to pick it up next Wednesday, but Spo-fans seem to enjoy it and it is good exercise for me to write it. So, here is Word of mine Wednesday – on Thursday. Spo.

What’s top of my mindThe outpouring of birthday salutations I received yesterday.  I pause and say how happy and grateful I am to have such and avalanche of caring comments. You are dears everyone of you. Thank you for making my day special.

As I approach sixty (how is this possible?) I want 2021-2022 to be more than just another year of work, sleep, and repeat. I would like to travel; I would like to do at least one item on my bucket list. This needs planning and effort. Life passes by so easily unless we pause to make an effort to make it more than daily doings.

Where I’ve been – In the gully-wash.  To the east of where I live is a large gully that is dry except during monsoons and sudden storms. Then it becomes a cascading series of water falls to wash away the rain water. The gully presently holds several rocks that have come down from the north in a recent rainfall. When I take Harper on her walks, I now make a detour down into the wash to find me a few choice rocks for painting. Don’t do this in the rain or you may get swept away.

Where I’m going –  Michigan. This Saturday I fly to The Land of Perpetual Snow and Ice for a week to tend Father while Brother #3 et. al. go on a proper holiday. I am sure to write about this week ad nauseum; apart from sitting with and minding Papa, I won’t have much else to do but write.

What I’m watching The weather. In my youth I was fascinated by hurricanes and I still am. It is curious to see how people’s reaction to hurricanes have changed in time what with better predictability and more media coverage. This is worth a blog entry in itself, the psychology of hurricanes. The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections won’t like this, but I will. Speaking of weather, I hope for some rainy days when I am in Michigan – a proper thunderstorm would thrill me to no end.

What I’m reading –  ‘The Last of the Mohicans’.  I kept falling asleep with the audio rendition so last weekend I went to Bookman’s and got me a paperback copy for two bucks. Mr. Cooper’s style of writing is very old-fashioned; he writes like a Latin scholar. It is not easy reading. I am curious to see how the story has fared in time.

What I’m listening to – “Six: the musical” I’ve seen clips of this musical at Thursday night happy hour. It is a sort of rock concert sung by six women as the wives of Henry VIII. Mr. Henry Tudor doesn’t appear in the show. So far it sounds like #metoo set to music. I just started listening, so what do I know.

What I’m eating Vindaloo.  Last night for my birthday I ordered ‘to-go’ from the local Indian fast-food joint. It is not quality Indian cuisine but it is the only one in the area. I ordered a lot, as it was my birthday, and Someone wasn’t there to stop me. Now we have lots of lovely leftovers. When I am in Michigan I hope to get proper no-rubbish type Indian cuisine, although Father probably will want simpler fare.

Who I’m paying attention to – The Bosses. A few months ago they made an announcement the place I work was to be bought or partnered or affiliated with some sort of company based out of Florida. Then – nothing. I got an email last month there would be updates in July. I still don’t know what this is about, or how it may effect me. I feel in a good position if there is any funny business I can always pack up and retire or go elsewhere. It’s a nice position to be in: I don’t like this and please change it and if not I will go elsewhere.

What I’m planning – A freezer fill. In the laundry room, next to the washer and dryer, stands a large white cube-shaped freezer, which presently holds hardly anything. In preparation for the next crisis de jour perhaps it would be prudent to fill it with joints of roast beast, frozen pizzas, bags of vegetables, and such. The kitchen pantry is relatively bare too. Perhaps this too should be stockpiled with tinned things and boxes of rice and pasta. The downside to such planning is I always forget what I have and I end up buying more when I have them already.

Spo-fans: do you keep supplies or just buy when you need something?

What is making me smile – Opps! I forgot to include this W! I recently learned a keyboard replacement hack. Use ‘@@” as a substitute for your email address. How many times in a week do I need to write out my email? I went to the general setting on my iPhone, then to the keyboard/replacement, and made it so. Now I just type ‘@@” and the iPhone fills in my email Bob’s your uncle!

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