Thus it begins: my week of caretaking Papa et. al. 

Last night Princess-Goddess and Brother #3 took me around to show me where everything is. I am to manage cats, dogs, chickens, and Fathers. It remains to be seen which of the gang of four will be the most needy. 

What about me? Dudo and Moose got theirs!

Cats: Whatever instructions I was given about morning ablutions, as soon as Brother #3 and family left, Luna made it quite clear what I am to be do first. SIL #3 told me not to succumb to the cats’ nonsense and lies. They do NOT continually need treats, even if they are in front of the cupboard pawing the door in feigned death throes.

Dogs: it’s rawther wet and rainy so I must be mindful of wet paws as they go in and out.  Like the Rum Tum Tugger, they are always on the wrong side of every door.  If the weather is clement, I am told they would love to go for a walk, but to make sure they don’t wear their ‘shock-collars’ which keeps them confined to the property.  I did not know shock-collars existed for dogs, although I have seen similar in certain shops in Palm Springs. 

Chickens: I was given instructions to cover all aspects of poultry management. I am told to help myself to as many eggs as I can eat.* What I wasn’t told was the hazards of visiting the chickens. Between the backdoor and the chicken coop I am attacked by an army of mosquitoes. Urs Truly is not used to mosquitoes, and there are bizillions of the bastards. Next time I hold an inspection I plan to be wrapped tight as a mummy.  Nine chickens are to be let out each morning and hopefully all nine will return by day’s end. I worry I will lose one on my watch. When it comes to poultry, Brother #3 takes a laissez-faire approach, telling me replacements are cheep. SIL #3 wanted to show me the ax to use in case I have to put some mangled chicken out of her misery, but no thank you. 

Fathers: There is only one actually, and he seems to be the less needy of the critters.  He is mostly content to sit and listen to classical music with me next to him. He is the originator of the ‘there’s work to be done” and we have a list as long as my arm. 

It shall be a quite a week: let’s see if I get through it without losing too much blood.  

So long as the cats are happy I think I will do OK.

I got him trained !

*There are presently three dozen in the refrigerator and more arrive each day.