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I thought my week in MI would be a boring one, sitting next to Father and trying to find something to occupy my mind while he naps or asks Alexa to play random tunes. I haven’t had a moment’s rest. Besides taking care of his needs (meals and trips to the loo) there are the animals. The dogs are on the wrong side of every door; at any given moment they sense something outside and go hauling into the forest at the matter. The cats just need the occasional patting and a tin of meat. Meanwhile there is laundry and dishes and running to Meijer Shifty Takers for prescriptions and such. Never a dull moment.

I am getting my wish for rain. It hasn’t stopped raining since I landed. Compared to the arid dry Phoenix climate, Michigan resembles the Amazon. Mercifully the temperatures are about half that in Arizona. Everything is wet and quite green.

My biggest fear is assuring nine chickens come home each night to roost. Thanks to the rain they are more or less keeping to the henhouse. Curiously, there aren’t many eggs coming in. SIL #3 texts me from the road the hens are probably laying eggs in the forest and why don’t I go looking for them. Sooner I’d eat rats at Tewkesbury than go into that mosquito-infested hellhole. When I step outside I am immediately dive-bombed by a swarm of the hungry bitches. Brother #3 told me I don’t have to mind the bees but the bee bonnet comes in handy this way to attend the chickens.

Father’s sister came into town last weekend to attend a cousin’s memorial service and she has stayed on with us a few days to visit Father. It is very nice to have Auntie here; she and he have kept each other company while I do the dishes and feed the mosquitoes. Auntie, no surprise, as the hummingbird brains of The Spos. The two of them talk nonstop over each other and it sounds doubtful if they are actually listen to each other. The Cousins all talk similar so I learned we all must have gotten the wiring from one if not both of my paternal great-grandparents.* I am glad when both of them lie down to take a nap – which is why I am typing this.

Provided it ever stops raining, Brother #4 is supposed to come over to grill something for dinner but I cannot imagine him being able to do so in this nonstop rain. He likes a challenge though. I hope he has lots of repellent on if he tries.

I haven’t had time to read any my blogs (worse luck!); I suppose I could use this time to catch up, but I feel sleep coming on me. After all, there is nothing like taking an afternoon nap with a gentle rain outside. Maybe I am just tired from caretaking or perhaps I’ve picked up some nasty mosquito-borne disease. Yellow Fever is high on the differential as is Dengue Fever. I will keep you posted.

*Both paternal great-grandparents come from Canada; they were French Canadians. Growing up, I supposed all Canadians (or at least the French ones) ‘must talk like this”. I know better now:-only the French Canadians who have lost their accent but not the ADHD blurt so.

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