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The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections is a little peeved at me this week. They thought yesterday’s entry was gloomy and uncalled for. They’s advised a change direction to something/anything other than chickens and mosquitoes. Therefore there will be no mention of either in today’s entry, although I hope to have lunch today in town with my friend Eileen and I plan on bringing her eggs.

Today I packed Papa’s pill boxes, and I surprised but not too much to see he and I take some of the same medicines. All my life I’ve grown up as his clone. I once wondered out loud what I would be like in my age and Someone said he didn’t have to wonder he knew just by watching his father-in-law. It is the primal scream of generations throughout Time of turning into our parents. It’s very Freudian. Most of the time this isn’t too bad other than when we start giving waiters our first names and unsolicited advice to strangers in the hardware stores and at the airport using paper tickets (oh the horror). This evening Brother #4 came over for supper, bringing Warrior-Queen with him. Watching them interact he too has turned into our father. I wonder if he points out to strangers at airports highways and interesting landmarks during take off.

It makes me wonder more about my status if I should reach 85 years old as the old man is. As I type this I can feel TBDHSR creeping up my neck like a hot hand, or is that another blasted mosquito? All right that’s enough.

Despite a week of nonstop caretaking the days have flown by and while I am exhausted I am having troubles sleeping. This may be due to the guest room being on the second floor, and the AC doesn’t work too well up there. Happily, the fan blows in some mosquito-free albeit humid air, which helps some. What doesn’t help are the two dogs who join me each night. At home Harper is only one dog and sticks to the foot, while the two dogs here like the middle of the bed without compromise. It is hard to nap in the day time as Father tends to need something continually. How on earth Brother #3 manages I don’t know, especially he has two kids to manage too.

Well that’s about all for this impromptu composition. I am going up to bed and turn on the fan and itch my bites and insert myself between sleeping mutts and hope Morpheus visits soon.

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